Huawei’s smartwatch will have many advanced features with lung health monitoring!

Huawei’s smartwatches are going to get smarter soon. The company is preparing to give some special features to its smartwatch. These will include features like blood sugar monitoring, lung function, and high altitude health management.

That is, now the health of your lungs will also tell this and you will be able to check the changes in your health even while trekking in the mountains. It is being said that the company will add these features to the Huawei TruSeen system.

Huawei's smartwatch will have many advanced features with lung health monitoring!

According to the report of ITHome, Huawei is preparing to make its smartwatch supersmart. The company is going to provide many more features like lung function and high altitude health monitoring in its upcoming smartwatch.

Apart from this, the battery life of the watch has also been said to be better than other competitors. For example, the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro offers 14 days of battery life, which is not available in other smartwatches. In some, only 24 hours of battery backup is available.

Apart from this, the company is going to add some such health monitoring features to its smartwatch, which have not been given in any smart wearable or fitness tracker before. These will not only have the feature of lung function monitoring, as well as hyperglycemic risk screening, that is, how much sugar is in the user’s blood, what is the level of glucose, etc. Now the smartwatch will be able to tell in a better way.

The interesting thing is that the smartwatch will alert the user of this in the initial stage itself so that the serious situation can be prevented from coming. The company has indicated that its Lung Function Tracking System will check the risk of a user having a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

A special feature high-altitude health management is also going to be added to the features of the smartwatch. This feature will tell what changes happen in the user’s body when going to high altitudes or mountains etc.

That is, now you can rest assured with health even while tracking etc. The company has not yet officially confirmed the timeline for the addition of all these features. But the company is in the race to add these features to its smartwatch first.

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