Imported Kei car is Seized by U.S. Customs for Resembling a VW bus

Japanese “kei” miniature cars are currently the focus of American importers. However, those who intend to import Japanese kei automobiles that have been modified to seem like VW Bus replicas are in danger. As one of these importers discovered, Volkswagen doesn’t like such homage cars. At the manufacturer’s request, U.S. Customs seized a Volkswagen Bus tribute kei van.

Why did American Customs destroy a Japanese kei van that was imported?

Due to copyright charges from Volkswagen that the imported Japanese kei van copied the design of the Volkswagen Bus and exploited the company’s emblem, U.S. Customs confiscated and destroyed the vehicle.

Imported Kei car is Seized by U.S. Customs for Resembling a VW bus

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks a collaborative tribute effort is beneficial.

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The Drive reports that an American bidder selected to purchase the Subaru Sambar with a VW logo at auction and have it brought into the country. But as soon as the van got there for its inspection by customs, officials took it away and phoned Volkswagen of America.

When Volkswagen learned that a Japanese microvan had been imported with its crest, it did not take kindly to the news and swiftly labeled the vehicle a fake. The Drive states that Volkswagen refused to negotiate despite the buyer’s efforts to salvage the van. According to the account, the up-badged kei van’s fate is unknown. It’s likely that American Customs smashed the car or dismantled it for its parts.

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What is a kei automobile or van in Japan?

Kei automobiles are referred to in Motor Trend as the “smallest street-legal passenger cars, vans, and trucks that you can buy in Japan.”

Kei cars are small, urban-friendly automobiles available in Japan. They gained popularity as a result of the post-war economy, claims Motor Trend. They simply suited the country’s crowded urban environments admirably.

Recent years have seen a number of kei automobile models breach the 25-year threshold for importation into the US. Kei cars immediately became well-liked by car enthusiasts on a budget due to their affordability and ease of operation. The Japanese micro-cars have a devoted following thanks in part to kei car memes on social media.

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However, there are various obstacles to overcome before obtaining a kei automobile. Online auction purchases are commonly made without seeing the item first. To import your kei vehicle from Japan to the United States, there are a tonne of costs and hassles to get through.

Of course, your kei car must also get through customs, which is a risky endeavor for individuals bringing in rebadged kei automobiles.

Imported Kei car is seized by U.S. Customs because it resembles a VW bus, according to MotorBiscuit.

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