NASA’s Mars helicopter to aim seventh flight after surviving ‘in-flight anomaly’

Ingenuity snapped a photograph of its personal shadow throughout its second flight on April 22.


This story is part of Welcome to Mars, our series exploring the red planet.

There have been some tense moments with NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter final month when it went wonky during its sixth flight. However the plucky chopper survived the in-flight anomaly and set itself down safely, setting the stage for a seventh flight.

NASA announced on Friday that it was aiming for no sooner than Sunday, June 6, for the subsequent flight. It takes time to get knowledge and updates from Mars, so we’re ready to listen to the main points and whether or not or not Ingenuity took off over the weekend. “No matter flight date, knowledge can be returned to Earth over the following three days,” the company mentioned.

Whereas the tech glitch was regarding, the Perseverance rover was capable of verify that Ingenuity landed itself in a secure spot. The subsequent journey will take the rotorcraft to a brand new location 350 ft (106 meters) away.

The seventh flight will mark the second time the helicopter will set down on a touchdown website it hasn’t beforehand surveyed from the air. The Ingenuity workforce is utilizing knowledge from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter “that implies this new base of operations is comparatively flat and has few floor obstructions.”

Ingenuity was designed as an experiment, a know-how demonstration. It has confirmed that powered, managed flight is feasible on one other planet and is now in a new phase of operations through which NASA is exploring how it may be used as a scout and assistant for the Perseverance rover. 

Ingenuity is already thought of successful, and every new flight is a bonus.

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