India’s Koo reached Nigeria when Twitter got banned!

Recently, the Nigerian government banned Twitter after the President’s post was deleted.

India's Koo reached Nigeria when Twitter got banned!
India’s Koo reached Nigeria when Twitter got banned!

India-made microblogging site Koo is once again in the news after Nigeria’s ban on Twitter. The reason behind why this has happened is also quite solid. In fact, at the beginning of the year, when there was a dispute between the Indian government and the microblogging site Twitter, an alternative to Twitter was launched at the same time called Koo.

At that time, the Indian government had also banned many Chinese apps. That’s why one after the other desi apps were being launched at that time. “Ku” is also one of those apps.

A new report says that “Ku” is now available in Nigeria as well. Its direct link is linked to the indefinite ban on Twitter by Nigeria. As reported by India Today, Koo made this announcement a day after the federal government of Nigeria banned Twitter.

Koo CEO Aparameya Radhekrishna not only confirmed that the app’s services are available in Nigeria but also said that the app is also being considered to be made available in the Nigerian local language soon. There are 500 types of local languages ​​spoken in Nigeria like Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba.

After Twitter was banned in Nigeria, users turned to VPN service to use Twitter to bypass the ban imposed by the government. Now the option of Ku has also come to the users. However, it is yet to be seen how many users adopt this Indian app in Nigeria.

Koo App is a microblogging site where users can express their views in 400 characters. While there is a limit of 250 words on Twitter. Posts shared on Ku are named Koo, just like Twitter posts are called Tweets. There is an option to write in Indian languages ​​on the Ku app. Apart from this, users can also share their points in audio and video.

If a user does not have the knowledge of writing Indian language, then he can type Indian language by going to English type mode. This app has a unique feature that users can directly share their “ku” to their friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. This feature is not available on Twitter. The coupe can also be shared on Whatsapp status.

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