A new iPhone Software called Glucomate Analyses Glucose Monitoring Data and identifies Trends

A new iPhone software created independently by Sydney, Australia’s Zach Simone is quite personal to him. Zach manages his Type 1 diabetes using a continuous glucose monitor that is compatible with Apple Health.

The difficult part is figuring out how to use all the data as it accumulates. Zach hopes to address that problem with his new app, Glucomate.

An iOS application called Glucomate reads information from Apple’s HealthKit framework and organizes it all with a professional presentation.

A new iPhone Software called Glucomate Analyses Glucose Monitoring Data and identifies Trends

By using the app, you may go back in time and see what was recorded on particular days, spot trends that can help you manage your blood sugar levels more effectively, and even see what glucose levels were like during particular activities.

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For instance, if you exercise or monitor your sleep using an Apple Watch and a continuous glucose monitor, Glucomate can help you learn how your blood sugar levels change while you’re doing these things. Averages, high/low information, time in range, and charts based on 7, 14, or 90 days of measurements can all be seen in historical data.

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Additionally, you can simply enter data for manual recording using the app. Quick data entry is supported on the Apple Watch and iPhone.

Finally, Glucomate can organize data depending on what’s most crucial while concealing less useful facts. Users can test out the app without having any prior glucose measurements. If you wish to test out Glucomate before using it for real, you can do so in the demonstration mode using test data.

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If you do determine that Glucomate is a useful tool for you, the app offers a one-time purchase option without a membership as well as monthly and annual subscription prices.

Starting right now, check out Glucomate for iPhone in the App Store.

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