Jimmy Carter Receives Accolades From The Distance, while in his Own Home

PLAINS, Ga. – Chad Loshbaugh and his seventh-grade son, Theo, were starting a historical tour during this winter’s break when they discovered that former president Jimmy Carter had begun end-of-life treatment at the home of his father.

The father-son couple who hails from Albany, New York, changed their route and ended up at the Carter family farm in Plains which is where President 39 was raised and just a few miles from the house with a single story where the 98-year-old receives hospice care.

“This was an addition” to an anti-racist trip that will take passengers from Atlanta through various places within Alabama, Loshbaugh said. “We believed it was crucial to alter our itinerary to visit this site and pay tribute to the president, Carter.”

Jimmy Carter receives accolades from the distance, while in his own home

The longest-living American president is getting praises and well-wishes all over the globe — from other politicians and admirers who he hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting — as from friends and family from his hometown, where the couple is called “Mr. Jimmy” as well as “Ms. Rosalynn.”

“It’s simply amazing to contemplate the whole thing,” said Carter’s niece Kim Fuller, who runs Friends of Jimmy Carter, situated just across the street that was once the first couple’s residence.

News of Carter’s condition prompted an increase in the number of visitors to Plains a town of around 700, with only a couple of blocks of retail stores in the rail tracks that pass across the presidential residence of Carter in 1976.

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Plains people have been cheering since Carter’s rise towards the White House, Fuller said and also the work they did afterward in the public’s health and wellness, as well as conflict management, and democracy through The Carter Center in Atlanta. In Atlanta, the Carters along with their initiatives have overseen elections in more than 113 countries and in addition, almost eradicated the Guinea parasite that causes worms in the world’s poorest countries.

The accomplishments have received praise from people like Mark Suzman, CEO of the Gates Foundation.

“President Carter’s determination to make our world a more beautiful one has made a lasting impression on the lives of many through the @CarterCenter.” Suzman tweeted Wednesday. “Thank you Pres. Carter for all your years of leadership, service, and wisdom. The future is brighter due to your hard work.”

The former President Bill Clinton, a fellow Democrat elected 12 years after Carter’s one term ended in a landslide defeat in 1980, celebrated Presidents Day on Monday by sending a message of goodwill to Carter well and tweeting an image of the two as they each served as Southern governors prior to their presidency.

Many have also posted personal messages on the Carter Center’s site.

“Dear President Carter President Carter, You’re the greatest of us. You’ve always sought the very best for us as well as for the entire world at large,” said Mary Cullen.

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In Plains, Fuller said it’s “hard at the moment” to imagine Carter possibly not remaining around. “But it’s nice to see people making progress,” she added.

Fuller who was entrusted with the Sunday School classes of her uncle’s classes for the Maranatha Baptist Church after he was getting older stated that it was a common event over time to observe the former couple walking along the street.

“They’ve been so open,” she said. “That’s the way they’re and he was just exactly like them at the White House. He never forgot where he came from, and he returned home when it was time to go.”

The Carter Presidential Library and Museum, situated within the exact same building in The Carter Center close to downtown Atlanta is also seeing an increase in visitors this week.

Jennifer Multani, who visited from California and said that she had an appreciation for his personal life, including his time in office as well as his experiences prior to his entry into politics.

“His service following the presidency was exceptional, there’s absolutely no doubt about that,” she said. “We all must take lessons from this experience and help humanity in the best way possible.”

She claimed that the president “inherited difficult times” but he was able to negotiate an agreement for peace that was signed between Israel with Egypt. The leaders of these two nations were awarded each other the Nobel Peace Prize each. Carter was awarded the prize in 2002.

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Sheri Clayton, 65, visiting from Houston who grew up in the Carter administration, recalls his presidency fondly in the latter part of the 1970s, which ended up dominating the economy by rising the rise in interest rates, inflation as well as the Iran hostage crisis. Carter took a few decisions that included the appointment of Paul Volcker as Federal Reserve chairman, who would aid in the economy to recovery however, not until following his loss to Republican Ronald Reagan. Carter also eventually released the 52 Americans who were detained in Tehran following the election in November.

“The feeling I have from Jimmy Carter was that he had a heart of gold as well … He was an advocate for folks,” Clayton said.

Walking the streets outside Carter’s childhood home, Loshbaugh said what is most intriguing to him is the man who achieved numerous things and also began his journey in both life and in politics, which is what he was.

“To be born from the most humble of rural lands,” Loshbaugh said, “it’s fascinating to contemplate.

“His term was only one term. However, the way he lived his life afterward was just amazing in establishing not just his legacy, but also demonstrating how a president can benefit the nation and how they can make the most of their positions throughout their lives.”


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