Lamborghini Sends Off Non-Hybrid V-12 Era With Two New One-Offs

In the next few weeks, Lamborghini will announce the successor to the Aventador. Although we’re not sure what form the long-rumored car will sport, however, we know that the car will come as a hybrid equipped with the V-12. This means that Lamborghini’s next phase is rapidly approaching, which means it’s the perfect time to end Lamborghini’s Aventador and all Lamborghinis with V-12 with no hybrid assistance in grand fashion.

They include two models, the Autentica and Invincible an exclusive roadster, and a coupe, which mark the end of non-electric V-12 Lamborghini production. Both have carbon fiber structure along with the discontinued Aventador and are both driven by a 770-hp 6.5-liter V-12 engine, and both feature all-wheel-drive.

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Lamborghini describes them as”the “very last cars to be produced by Lamborghini equipped with a 12-cylinder 6.5 l engine mounted longitudinally in the rear before the transition to a hybrid era.” All of those qualifications are a sign of one thing: being the two last cars to be constructed in the Aventador’s footprint, Autentica, as well as the Invincible, are the last two Lamborghini famous road cars that were constructed without electric assistance.

Lamborghini Sends Off Non-Hybrid V-12 Era With Two New One-Offs


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The brand claims that both styles are a reflection of their limited edition Sesto Elemento, Reventon, and Veneno. Hexagons are everywhere, but most evidently on front light assemblies as well as exhaust tips. These extreme shapes are a perfect fit into Lamborghini’s ever-exaggerating style, which appears to become sharper with each passing day.

The Invincible coupe comes in the red shade of Rosso Efesto, which is highlighted by carbon-colored black accents. Contrary to the Autentica model, this one comes with a bold rear spoiler, which is more in line with the current Lamborghini racing cars. The mounting brackets swan-style for the wing, naturally include an additional pair of hexagons.

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Autentica roadster Autentica roadster is finished with a gray-silver shade called Grigio Titans, contrasted by vibrant white pinstriping details. Instead of the Invincible huge rear wings, The Autentica features a smaller rear wing, which is placed within two fins.

The time period for Lamborghini is over. It is expected that the next V-12 to emerge from Sant’Agata’s Bolognese will mark the beginning of the next era, the new era of hybrid Lamborghini flagship Lamborghini supercars.


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