Liquor will not be available in the stadium during the World Cup? Qatar royal family put pressure on FIFA

Qatar is an Islamic country where even selling alcohol is a crime. This rule was relaxed for the first FIFA World Cup, but once again the controversy has started on this issue.

Controversies are not ending in the FIFA World Cup starting on Sunday in Qatar. Being an Islamic country, many things are banned here, including alcohol. Controversy has been going on for a long time regarding the use of alcohol in the FIFA World Cup.

There is a ban on selling and drinking alcohol in Qatar. However, keeping in mind the first FIFA World, the rules were relaxed. The time was fixed for selling beer in the stadium. At the same time, separate places have also been made for drinking alcohol.

However, now the controversy has started again because Qatar’s royal family is pressurizing FIFA to completely ban the consumption and sale of alcohol in matches. If FIFA bows down here, it will be a big loss for them.

In fact, liquor companies are also included in the big sponsors of the FIFA World Cup. If these companies do not get a chance to sponsor, then their agreement with FIFA will be violated. FIFA will suffer a loss of crores due to this.

If the news is to be believed, talks are going on between FIFA and the beer company. FIFA has already changed the locations of beer booths. He has also removed its banners from many places, although even then the royal family of Qatar is not satisfied.

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