Lit Motors Says Two-Wheel Self-Balancing EV Is a Car

Even though it’s only having two wheels you’re actually looking at something Lit Motors calls a car. Lit claims that you can enjoy the advantages of a motorbike as well as the convenience of a car by purchasing the C-1 EV vehicle. Perhaps it is better referred to as an autocycle. However, it does have numerous interesting features one of which is the fact that it can self-balance. Lit Motors has been up and down since the C-1 first made headlines in the year 2011. The company now claims it’s on the right track and accepting orders. Let’s take a look at what’s happened since then.

How how long has Lit Motors EV been developing the C-1?

The mid-motor C-1 concept was first introduced in the market, it instantly drew the attention of everyone. At least, it caught the eye of people who were looking for a sustainable alternative to the current automobile. It was a tiny one-passenger two-wheeler electric vehicle that had a price tag of $20,000.

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By the year 2015, Lit was taking pre-orders and then suddenly stopped accepting deposits after two years. The depositor’s money was returned but then it sort of disappeared. But it didn’t stop.

Lit Motors Says Two-Wheel Self-Balancing EV Is a Car


What is the mechanism that keeps this Lit Motors C-1 EV balanced?

Lit Motors’ CEO Danny Kim is now back with the C-1 and is taking orders for pre-orders. The cost is now $32,000 and you’ll have to shell out the sum of $250 to secure your Lit Motors C-1. However, you won’t go home empty-handed. There’s also merch and an award.

What you’re getting is an enclosed AEV equipped with two gyroscopes that keep the bike in balance. Like an automobile, however, with only two wheels. Its power is provided by a 13kWh battery that can travel around 200 miles between recharges. With a 220-volt power outlet, the C-1 can be fully charged within 4 hours. At 110, it takes for up to eight hours. The time from zero to 60 is five seconds, with a maximum speed of more than 100 miles per hour.

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Do you have the option of purchasing an EV C-1 today?

Since the C-1 has been in development since the year 2015 it seems to be a technology that was in its early days at the time. The drive-by-wire is one example. Another option is side-curtain-airbags. The structure overall is like an airframe to provide additional security.

The goal is to use the reserve capital and begin production. Lit Motors intends on manufacturing 10,000 C-1s in 2026. After that, it will ramp up production. Lit hopes to turn the production of another 100,000 C-1s by 2027 until 2031. While it appears like a large slice, Lit may be using the manufacturing of its Kubo scooter.

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Do Lit Motors produce anything else?

Lit already is equipped with the Kubo scooter that is in production. It also has gyroscopic stabilization similar to the C-1. The C-1 is considered more than a delivery vehicle for urban areas The most notable characteristic is the square gap at the middle of its frame to accommodate small cargo and packages. It’s a cost-effective alternative for last-mile delivery to similar vehicles such as Nimbus and Arcimoto. Nimbus or Arcimoto three-wheelers.

The final word lies in the fact that Lit has developed an internally balanced two-wheeler that it’s using pre-orders to begin production. The company has also had production experience using its Kubo scooter which can be used as an indication. Although they are not identical, Nimbus along with the Arcimoto is sufficiently similar to make this kind of personal electric vehicle a viable option.


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