Mazda Claims That he Miata “Will Exist Forever.”

Mazda Claims: The electric revolution is on the horizon the future of super-light, fun sports cars are now in danger. There are fewer of them on the road each day and yet Mazda promises that our top choice model, its MX-5 Miata, is here to stay.

Martijn ten Brink, Mazda manager in Europe told U.K. publication Autocar the fourth-generation ND will remain updated with no risk of being taken off Mazda’s lineup.

Mazda Claims That he Miata Will Exist Forever.

“How do you keep faithful to what the car represents while advancing it to future generations of technological advancements?” ten Brink said in reference to the successor to the ND. “That’s not yet been determined. However, I believe that for Mazda it’s reasonable to affirm”the MX-5 will never cease to exist.”

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Every model of MX-5 is expected to last around eight years. If we go by the timeline we can expect to have the next generation of the vehicle, which is likely to be called the NE in the year 2025. There’s no official confirmation but, naturally.

“I believe that [the MX-5will exist for a long time and will need to adapt to the changes,” ten Brink told Autocar. “That’s an incredible challenge and people are incredibly passionate about this vehicle in Mazda. Naturally, it’s not surprising that, as you could imagine there are a lot of opinions about the direction to take it in. Therefore, I’m extremely curious about what it’ll end up being However, it’s going to remain in the lineup.”

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