Microsoft Promises ChatGPT 4, but it won’t go as Planned

ChatGPT 4 will be available in the next week and is likely to include a brand new and possibly dreadful feature that will be video.

Presently, ChatGPT and Microsoft’s updated Bing search engine are both powered through ChatGPT 3.5 large model of language, which allows the models to answer questions in a similar way to humans. However, each of the AI implementations has experienced many issues in the past and what should we anticipate, or even expect to see with an updated version coming soon?

Microsoft Promises ChatGPT 4, but it won't go as Planned

According to Microsoft Germany’s CTO Andreas Braun (as reported by Neowin) Microsoft Germany’s CTO Andreas Braun (as reported by Neowin), the firm “will introduce GPT 4 next week, where we will have multimodal models that will offer completely different possibilities – for example, videos.” Braun made the remarks during an event entitled “AI in Focus Digital Kickoff’.

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The fact is that AI is not going to disappear anytime in the near future. At the moment we are able to talk to OpenAI’s chatbot only via text, providing inputs and control and getting useful, but mostly conversational responses.

So the thought of ChatGPT-powered chatbots such as Bing’s chatbot Bing and being able to respond in different mediums other than text is definitely thrilling, but it also leaves me with a little anxiety.

As I’ve mentioned before in the beginning, the first days of ChatGPT’s existence were marked by some bizarre and controversial answers that chatbots offered to users. For instance, in Bing for instance, not only provided incorrect details but then confronted the person and pointed out its errors which led to Microsoft intervening quickly and limiting the number of replies it could provide in one chat (and that limit Microsoft is gradually increasing).

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If we see an identical pattern of an oddity in videos, there may be more worrying implications.

Ethics of AI Microsoft promises ChatGPT 4

In a time where artificial intelligence-generated “deepfake” videos are a growing worry for many and especially for those who don’t realize that they become the main characters in these films, the thought of ChatGPT trying its hand at video production is alarming.

If anyone could request ChatGPT to make a video that featured a celebrity the person would be feeling slighted. While I’m sure that a lot of organizations employing ChatGPT 4 such as Microsoft are trying to block or limit pornographic or violent requests However, the fact that ChatGPT code is freely available means that more untrustworthy users may still misuse it.

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There’s also the issue that copyright violations are a problem. AI-generated art is now under strict review over the source it’s using its sources and this is likely to be the case with video too. Directors, content creators, and streamers could be skeptical of the work that is used in AI-created videos, particularly when the videos are considered to be harmful or controversial.

AI specifically ChatGPT which was only released just a few months ago is in its early stages and its potential is yet to be fully realized, so also are the ethical consequences of what it could accomplish. While Microsoft’s announcement of video streaming coming in the near future to ChatGPT is exciting and impressive but the company has been mindful and ensure that both the creators and users are taken care of.

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