New Cricket Scorecard launched on Twitter, Community feature also expanded in India

Twitter has introduced the live cricket scorecard on Thursday. Along with this, the micro-blogging site has expanded its Communities feature in India, in which the main community cricket fans will be focused, which is named Cricket Twitter – India. Twitter has made these updates during the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 tournament, which started last week and is scheduled to run till November 14.

Twitter claims that Twitter is a well-known platform for Indian cricket lovers, on which 75 million conversations took place between 1 July 2022 and 1 July 2021 regarding the game.

Talking about scoreboard updates, the scorecard will be visible on the Explore tab and live Events page on Twitter during cricket matches, so that fans can get real-time scores while scrolling through tweets during cricket matches. It is available on iOS and the web in India and will be rolled out on Android for most users.

With Scoreboard, Twitter has introduced the first community feature outside the US and this feature is dedicated to Indian cricket fans. It aims to serve as a one-stop place to talk about every aspect of cricket in multiple Indian languages.

In September, Twitter began testing its community feature in the US, so that people on the same platform can connect with other people who are interested in similar things.

Twitter is currently testing the communities feature on iOS, Web, and Android mobile browsers as Invite only. Invites can be sent by administrators, moderators, and community members via Director Message. After receiving the invite, that member can also start a conversation through a community tweet.

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