No ill health, no symptoms, Apple Watch reveals pregnancy

In the last few years, many such reports have come to the fore, when Apple’s smartwatch has saved many people from death with the help of its features. Apple’s Watch is credited with bringing life back to many watch wearers. Apple Watch sends emergency messages after the heartbeat is low, after which many people’s lives have been saved from death. At the same time, a surprising case related to smartwatches has come to the fore. It is claimed that the watch disclosed the pregnancy even before the clinical test.

34-year-old woman claimed

This shocking claim has been made recently by a 34-year-old woman. After which people are now surprised by another feature. Gadgets like smartwatches have helped many people to track their oxygen level, heart rate, blood pressure, and other health parameters. In such a situation, before the medical test, the watch also gave indications of pregnancy.

Woman shares story about Apple Watch

In fact, on the social media site Reddit, the woman mentioned this incident that happened to her, which has now gone viral. The woman who posted this cool feature about the Apple Watch on Reddit explained that her heart rate usually hovers around 57, but one day her Apple Watch reported that the heart rate reached 72. The change came in about 15 days. The woman is a little worried by the signal of the clock. So he started looking for possible reasons for this increased heart rate.

A Corona test was also done, then a pregnancy test also revealed in the report

Apart from this, the woman was breastfeeding her 18-month-old child. The woman also got the COVID test done to know if it was not happening because of this, but the report came negative. She then started doing online research and found that early pregnancy can increase the heart rate. He wrote that I read that sometimes this happens with early pregnancy. After this, when the 34-year-old woman went to the doctor to get her pregnancy test done, the report came back positive.

Apple Watch reported body symptoms

According to reports, the woman’s pregnancy was in its early stages, so she was not noticing other symptoms. To her surprise, her Apple Watch alerted her to some unusual things in her body, which made her aware of her pregnancy. However, where this incident took place, it could not be known.

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