Nothing Ear 1 True Wireless Earphones Initial Impressions: Nothing Out Of Nothing

The Nothing Ear 1 looks great, but what’s more?

Nothing, a start-up company backed by Carl Pei, OnePlus co-founder, has launched its first product, The Nothing Ear 1 true Wireless earphones.

The Nothing Ear 1 enters the highly competitive mid-range true wireless market in India.

It is priced at Rs. The Nothing Ear 1 is priced at Rs. 5,999 and promises a lot. The Nothing Ear 1 has a bold design and an impressive feature list. But how do these earphones compare to the rest?

Nothing Ear 1
                       Nothing Ear 1

Although the design is striking with its use of transparent plastic and liberal use of it, there’s more to the Nothing Ear 1. These truly wireless earphones have been in my possession for several days and I have already tried some of their key features. These are my initial impressions.

There is nothing to hide

The Nothing Ear 1’s early concept renderings teased the use of transparent materials. The final product mostly sticks to this idea. The charging case and earpieces are transparent at their stems.

Although this isn’t the first instance of transparency being used in the design, it has been done well by Nothing on the Ear 1.

The internal components of the Nothing Ear 1 earpieces can sometimes appear a little odd. However, you can still see the parts through the stems. They are well-constructed.

Although the driver casings don’t look transparent, they are made to ensure a snug and comfortable fit in the canal. The box includes three pairs of ear tips for customizing the fit.

The stems can be controlled using touch gestures or taps. You can control volume, playback, and noise cancellation modes via the touch-sensitive stems.

The IPX4-rated earpieces are water-resistant and can withstand light raindrops or splashes.
The lid has a slight indentation at the top that provides a little grip and holds the earpieces in place.

The battery is located in the middle of this case. The hardware for Qi wireless charging is also located in the middle of the case. On the side of the case is the pairing button as well as the USB Type-C port.

The indicator light inside the case can be seen from the outside. The charging case is large and difficult to carry.

The Nothing Ear 1 headphones have 11.6mm dynamic drivers and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. They also support the AAC and SBC Bluetooth codecs. App support is available for both iOS as well as Android.

You can customize the controls using the app. You can toggle between the full intensity and milder noise cancellation. The app also shows the battery level for the earpieces as well as the charging case.

There is nothing to be unhappy about when it comes down to sound

My initial impressions are positive, although I will be writing a full review about the sound quality. The Nothing Ear 1’s sonic signature is balanced. It doesn’t favor the bass or treble as most consumer-grade headphones do. Instead, it gives the mid-range enough emphasis along with the rest of its frequency range.

The sound is clear and pleasant, with the help of active noise cancellation. Some people may prefer the lower ANC level indoors. However, I found the full intensity to be more effective and focused. It also works well in quieter outdoor settings. You can also choose to hear through the transparent mode, which provides a natural sound.

Nothing Ear 1
                  Nothing Ear 1

Even though the Google Fast Pair feature didn’t work, the pairing was fairly quick and stable on both Android as well as iOS. Both the AAC and SBC Bluetooth codecs are supported. While more advanced Bluetooth codecs would be nice for Android users, the AAC codec will provide decent performance with most compressed audio including streaming music.

Final thoughts

The Nothing Ear 1 is living up to all expectations after months of hype. The price of the Ear 1 is Rs. 5,999. The Ear 1 is priced at Rs. 5,999 and the Ear 2 is priced at Rs.

The Nothing Ear 1’s audio quality and battery life are both excellent. I will cover these issues in my full review.

For now, however, I can confirm that the sound quality is adequate for everyday listening and that active noise cancellation works well both indoors and outdoors.

If you are on a tight budget, the Nothing Ear 1 might be worth considering. 10,000

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