Nuka World Power Plant

Nuka World Power Plant: Its a video Game. The Nuka-World power plant is a place in the Nuka-World Amusement Park at the year 2287.

It’s located directly west of the Galactic Zone, in the northwest area of the map. It can be seen from a distance because it’s atop a tiny rocky mountain.


According to this worker terminal, there was a meltdown April 28th, 2050, just a few months before the park was scheduled to open.

The injury was subsequently covered up by the Nuka-Cola Corporation. The employee that reported it, an employee called C. Carlson, was fired and the other employees needed to be reminded in their employment agreement to not talk playground matters.

The problem was dismissed from then on.


The exterior of the plant is fairly quiet. The inside, however, is crawling with feral ghouls. The route through the plant is straight forward, composed of a linear route with a few turns and twists.

There are a few Nuka-mixer channels downstairs, in addition to a couple of Nuka-World raiders (Disciples, Operators or the Package ). The cellar includes a space shielded with a terminal carrying a complete pair of interlocking power armor.

Nuka World Power Plant
Nuka World Power Plant

The upstairs office has a pool table and a desk with a terminal on it. A secure is in the corner behind the desk. Going down the ramp out there, jump to the room across the broken ramp to locate another secure. (Nuka World Power Plant)

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On the roof is a door that requires a key to open. Behind this door are the controllers which restore power to the remainder of Nuka-World.

The secret can only be acquired in the boss that betrays the Sole Survivor during Power Play (Nisha, Mags Black or Mason). The door is also unlocked on completion of Open Season.

Notable loot

  • Two complete suits of leveled energy armor – One can be in a room in the basement, while the other is in the care building to the southeast. Both are behind Advanced locked terminals.
  • Fusion cores – Pre-installed in the energy armors mentioned above.
  • Nuka-Power recipe – On the desk in the room with the pool table along with the Nuka-World Power: Employee Terminal.
  • An overdue book – At the cellar at a locker, close to a skeleton on a comfortable pillow.
  • Plant control room crucial – About the boss of the gang which betrays the Sole Survivor through Power Play


  • After reactivating the power plant, formerly locked regions in Nuka-World will now be accessible. These include:
    The elevator leading to the last star center in Starport Nuka, which allows the Sole Survivor to utilize the mainframe terminal to open the glass case containing the Quantum X-01 power armor.
  • The Dry Rock Gulch worker area.
  • The secure beverageer laboratory in the Nuka-Cola bottling plant.
  • Old playground rides such as the Ferris Wheel in Kiddie Kingdom and the roller coaster at Nuka-Galaxy. Nuka-World Red Rocket settlement workshop access. Located to the east of this Nuka-Cola bottling plant.

The celebrity core is a quest thing from the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


There are 38 celebrity cores in total. ((Nuka World Power Plant))

  1. Six could be found at Vault-Tec: Among the Stars.
  2. One in the Arcturus Prime display area guarded by protectrons, behind a locked door.
  3. One in the living room, supporting a Professional locked door.
  4. One in an extremely irradiated room accessible through the living area.
  5. Three at the monitoring center adjacent to the main office, behind a Master secured door (a key can be obtained, behind the other locked door that also includes a key).
  6. Six can be found at RobCo Battlezone.
  7. Two from the control room overlooking the arena.
  8. Behind the locked door in the seating area to the left of this entrance.
  9. One in the souvenir shop beneath the chairs, on a shelf. One at the tunnels beneath the stadium, on a console, guarded by a sentry bot.
  10. 10.Two in the stadium.
  11. Entering the stadium will launch three waves of combat robots. Four can be found in Starlight Interstellar Theater.
  12. One at the men’s restrooms directly left of this entrance, next to a body inside of a busted wall section.
  13. One throughout the kitchen to the right of the entrance, inside the walk in freezer.
  14. One in the theater proper, on a console opposite the screen.
  15. One in the control room on the top level.
  16. Seven can be found in Nuka-Galaxy.
  17. One in the boarding area, behind a doorway on the ideal side a brief distance down the tracks.
  18. From the last room, follow the tracks to a huge room with many large asteroids. On the opposite side are some stairs leading down. The door across this area leads into a corridor, halfway by which another center can be picked up from a console.
  19. Down that corridor, and then take the elevator to the leftside. Once in the basement, enter the next room through the opening left of the elevator and then pick up the core from the console straight beforehand.
  20. Past the rugged environment, climb the long run of stairs behind the concealed door. Once again on the ride trail, the core can be discovered on a console up some stairs straight to the left.
  21. One in a console in the end of the ride close to the disembarkation zone (opposite the mannequin sporting the Nuka-Girl rocketsuit), together with a secret.
  22. One in the office on the top floor, available through a door that can be opened together with the aforementioned crucial.
  23. One at the small control room with some destroyed protectrons near the office.
  24. Five have been scattered across Starport Nuka.
  25. One in front of the mainframe, next to a body.
  26. One on the upper level over the mainframe, in a locked display case. The key will be on a desk, near the manager’s terminal in the Workers Only Novice locked space nearby.
  27. One on the ground level beyond the locked gate, alongside a body near the dumpsters.
  28. One on a console at the base of the long curved ramp referred to as the Spacewalk.
  29. One on the Starport’s top floor. This heart can only be retrieved once power was restored to the park after finishing Ability Play or Open Season.
  30. Two are located in different areas of the Galactic Zone.
  31. One in the Splashdown control shack directly from this Nuka-Galaxy entry.
  32. One in the ArcJet G-Force, high in this large staircase.
  33. Five have been scattered throughout the whole Nuka-World park.
  34. One at the Nuka-Town marketplace, on a desk to the left of Shelbie Chase.
  35. One at the Nuka-Cade, on a weapons workbench in the employee area.
  36. One in the Nuka-World junkyard, on the massive barn’s next degree.
  37. One in the Dry Rock Gulch, alongside some cooler and two deceased traders south of Doc Phosphate’s Saloon.
  38. One in the World of Refreshment, in the Nuka-Cola Quantum place, next to a dead Gunner by a metal double door.


Star cores (Systemized Telemetry for Automated Robot Control) are redundant multipurpose controller panels consisting of a shameful circuit board having luminous red lights. (Nuka World Power Plant)

They’re necessary for taking over the Galactic Zone through the quests Star Control as well as The Grand Tour, but they could also be picked up through regular exploration. Just 20 of the total 35 celebrity cores are necessary for the quest.

Nuka World Power Plant
Nuka World Power Plant

Collecting the full set unlocks the screen case that holds the Quantum X-01 power armor, given Nuka-World’s power was restored by finishing Power Play or Open Season.

Detailed walkthrough

The quest begins upon launching the next raider outpost in the Commonwealth. The very first step is coming to talk to Shank, whether he’s been delivered to the Commonwealth or stays in Nuka-World.

He reveals that, depending on how the previous eight territories were doled out (five theme parks, 3 Commonwealth outposts), the group that got the ninth lands has rebelled against the Overboss’s conclusions, taking charge of the Nuka-World electricity plant.

Meet the other bosses beyond the power plant. No matter what dialogue choices are chosen, the end result is the traitorous gang and its leadership needs to perish. (Nuka World Power Plant)

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The directors join in the attack on the power plant, fighting through the traitorous gang’s forces and some feral ghouls.

The boss makes their final stand on the roof out. After murdering them, the participant personality takes the control room key from their boss’s corpse and proceeds to flip on the main power to Nuka-World. (Nuka World Power Plant)

Fireworks erupt over the parks since the lights return on. Talk to Gage to finish the quest and deliver the principal story of Nuka-World to an end.


After beating the traitorous gang turning to the power, talking to the two surviving gang leaders back at their house foundations will provide some followup dialog and new weapons to match the perks that are unlocked: (Nuka World Power Plant)

Nisha provides a Disciples blade together with the Instigating mythical effect, which deals double damage to enemies with complete health.
Mags provides an Operators sniper rifle using the Relentless legendary effect, which refills Action Points on a critical hit.

Nuka World Power Plant
Nuka World Power Plant

Mason provides a puncturing rocket baseball bat using the Furious mythical effect, which copes increasing damage for every consecutive hit on the exact same target.


There are eight lands that may and must be obtained before reaching this point in the main narrative, the five parks and the initial three raider outposts established in the Commonwealth.

Because there are 3 gangs, it’s not possible to evenly-distribute the territory enough to keep everybody happy.

The very best the player character may do is a 3-3-2, 3-2-3, or 2-3-3 split for Disciples, Operators, and Bundle respectively, so the gang with only two or fewer territories will always rebel.

That being said, if a particular gang is awarded three continents or more early on in the feasibility, then their devotion is essentially protected and all the benefits that come with it. (Nuka World Power Plant)

If a single gang gets the lands and both other gangs have exactly the same number of lands, the game will randomly pick which of the remaining two gangs rebel. (Nuka World Power Plant)

If from the Commonwealth,” Shank tells the player character to go back to Nuka-World and sort out this issue, and he will not provide dialogue to start more raiding missions until this quest is complete.

Grenade cubes are scattered round the plant, also due to tight spaces, they are easily able to kill the player character. An individual should also be wary because of the Raiders accompanying them, as they can set off the traps.

Once the energy is turned back on, fresh areas from the Nuka-World parks become available to research, with secrets to discover:
The Dry Rock Gulch worker area – SCAV! Issue #5

The Starport Nuka monitoring deck, accessible by an elevator one floor over Star Control – 1 Star Core

Accessibility to this protected beverageer lab through the Nuka-Cola bottling plant, near Lanier’s dead recon team – Project Cobalt schematics.

Once the player character has the pursuit Open Season active, they will also receive a mixed aim to reactivate the ability to the Nuka-World in the same vein as it occurs in this quest.

Thus, opting to kill the gang leaders and liberate Nuka-World will not cut the participant character away from items available only from the sealed areas.

After this quest, entering the territory of the opposing faction is going to result in being attacked. (Nuka World Power Plant)

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