On your Hard Disc, Star Wars Jedi Survivor will use up an absurd amount of space.

The size of games today keeps growing, and our poor hard drives can no longer handle it. On April 28, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be released, but you might not be able to play it without making room for a Death Star-sized structure.

Tipster According to PlayStation Game Size, PS5 users will require 147.5GB free for installation in order to complete Cal Kestis’ story. That is around the same size as the enormous Red Dead Redemption 2 and more than ten times the size of one of the biggest video games ever created, Skyrim.

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Even though it is unrealistic, this has at least increased our excitement for the title’s upcoming features. The sequel to one of the best PS4 games should have a galaxy’s worth of material, if the chunkiness of the install is any indication. Fortunately, it appears that those who want to play right now can pre-load two days beforehand. Use rest mode on the PS5 if you want to hasten the download.

On your hard disc, Star Wars Jedi Survivor will use up an absurd amount of space.

It’s dangerous to require players to download such enormous volumes of data. Games of this scale may seem out of reach for those without a lightning-fast internet connection; if you have a data cap, that may be the entirety of your allotment for a month or more. That doesn’t even consider the customary day-one patches, ongoing updates, and any potential future DLC.

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Although 875GB of storage space on the PS5 may seem like a lot, it fills up rapidly. Many players complement this by adding an SSD to their console, which can increase the available space by two or even three times. Luckily, one of our favourites has dropped to $66.

Jedi Survivor appears to be a comparable size on other platforms, with a rumored 155 GB on PC and roughly 139 GB on Xbox Series X, but oddly, the game is apparently only 44 GB on the more cost-effective Xbox Series S.

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This leads us to believe that high-resolution textures and performance-related features account for the majority of the 100GB discrepancy. The fact that the Respawn team had to create two wildly dissimilar variations just for Xbox might be cited as another proof that the Xbox Series S is impeding the development of true next-gen gaming.

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