Only Two Android Devices Were Among The Best-Selling Models.

Android devices: According to the research firm Counterpoint the company Counterpoint, only two Android phones made it into the top 10 best-selling smartphones worldwide in 2022. The Samsung budget handsets were the Galaxy A03 and Galaxy A13. The other eight spots were taken by iPhones from Apple which had the iPhone 13 leading the chart.

Eight of the top ten best-selling smartphones of 2022 were iPhones

Apple is the most popular choice and it’s not a surprise. Since the company releases only just a few models each year, customers seeking to buy an iPhone have a lot of options. They usually buy one of the latest iPhone models, driving numbers. However, the vast array of choices available in the Android market means that there’s no standard choice available in this case. Whatever is your budget or needs you’ll find a range of models that will meet your needs.

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Only Two Android Devices Were Among The Best-Selling Models.

This has been the case for quite a while and won’t change anytime in the near future. Actually, Apple is increasingly benefitting from the increased rivalry in the Android market. Apple had eight iPhone models among the top ten most-seller smartphones charts in the very first year in the last year. iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max were the top-performing models from January through the month of August. i.e. up until when it was the time that the iPhone 14 series came along. This iPhone 14 Pro Max was the most popular choice during the following three months and then an iPhone 14 topped the chart in December.

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In total all, overall, the iPhone 13 accounted for five percent of the smartphones sold in 2013. The iPhone 13 was followed by the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max. It’s the Samsung Galaxy A13 sits in the fourth position and is followed by iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone SE 2022 along with the Galaxy A03. Counterpoint reports that the new iPhone Pro Max model sold in higher numbers over the Pro and the base models for the first time.

“Major technological advancements made on this year’s iPhone 14 Pro series, including dynamic island and a faster processor which makes it more appealing and appealing, since it is nearly identical to the previous design,” the research firm provides. In the Android market Samsung’s Galaxy A13, which is the successor to 2021’s top-selling smartphone, the Galaxy A12, was a very popular option throughout regions like the Caribbean, Latin America, and India.

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Android devices OEMs are cutting down on their portfolio of smartphones

The top ten most-seller smartphones made up nearly 19 percent of the total sales in the year prior. Counterpoint believes that this percentage will increase in 2023. This is due to the fact that Android OEMs are cutting their portfolio of smartphones. About 3,600 smartphones were in use globally in 2022, which is down more than 14 percent from 4,200 by 2021. The number could go down in the coming year. “Brands will be focusing on the premiumization of their portfolios to convert volumes into profit,” Counterpoint states.

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