Announces OtterPilot its Latest AI Meeting Assistant

A voice-transcription service powered by AI is launching a brand-new AI meeting assistant, dubbed OtterPilot it was announced by the company on Tuesday. OtterPilot streamlines the process of meetings and was designed to help professionals reduce time and improve the efficiency of meetings. New features are scheduled to be made available to all users of the plans in the next few days, according to the company.

Following every gathering, OtterPilot will automatically send an AI-generated summary of important issues to attendees to attend the meeting, or directly to the Otter group. Automated summaries can be shared by email, with hyperlinks to the most important moments. Otter released its Automated Outline test feature in the year prior to Business users. The updated Automated Summary feature announced today is the result of a completely brand-new AI summary model that includes enhanced summarization. It is expected that the Automated Summary will be available to every user.

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The meeting assistant will also automatically take pictures of slides used in virtual meetings. It automatically takes slides and then inserts it into the notes of the meeting. Otter states that this allows professionals to quickly search for important slides and then recall them with the transcript in order to recall what was discussed.

OtterPilot additionally uses AI to create notes on meetings in real time and then share them with the entire group to allow them to collaborate in meetings. Participants are able to read the live transcript and comment on it, highlight key aspects, and also assign action items. Otter can share the Otter notes with attendees to the meeting, or with the members of a particular group.

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It’s important to note the fact that Otter Assistant, the company’s bot that automatically joins meetings in your calendar and records the conversations, will soon become an integral element of OtterPilot.

The company states that OtterPilot allows you to make sure that there is no need for everyone in a group to be present at every meeting, and those who do attend can be engaged in a relaxed manner without needing to write notes. OtterPilot will also help enhance the quality of meetings that you go to by reducing time both during and after the meeting.

“AI helps us in all areas of our lives. Every day, as I commute to work, I am aided and inspired by the advancements made within Tesla’s Autopilot software,” said CEO and co-founder Sam Liang in a statement. “Similarly we’ve witnessed massive improvements to Otter’s AI capabilities. And the OtterPilot system is now set to stop note-taking, reduce time and increase meeting efficiency for our customers’ future billion-plus meetings.”

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The launch comes at a time when Otter has reached the mark of transcribing more than 1 billion meetings. In 2021, Otter announced it had transcribed more than 100 million events.

Given that AI has been a popular topic in the last few months, particularly because of the introduction of ChatGPT It’s not a reason to be surprised that has launched a new meeting assistant powered by AI to enhance the transcription services it offers.

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