Oxygen will Start Coming out of The Water as Soon as you Press The Button, a Device made by a Startup of West Bengal

A startup in West Bengal has developed a device that produces oxygen from water. The founders of this technology claim that at the press of a button, oxygen starts coming out of the water. This device named ‘OM Redox’ has been developed by Solaray Initiatives Pvt Ltd.

Oxygen will start coming out of the water as soon as you press the button, a device made by a startup of West Bengal

The device is installed at the Weibel-BCC&I Tech Incubation Center, where it delivers pure oxygen from water. The device was selected by the Department of Biotechnology to be displayed and launched on its 10th Foundation Day and the first Bio-Tech Expo 2022.

Startup Venture co-founder Dr. Soumyajit Roy and his wife Dr. Pei Liang on Thursday claimed that this machine is nothing but a deep scientific innovation, which produces oxygen. It is 3.5 times purer than the oxygen that comes from a concentrator.

Dr. Roy, a professor at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research in Kolkata, says that his innovation is called pneumatically coupled water oxidation. In this, oxygen is produced from water. The device was also one of the products that were featured by the Union Science and Technology Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh in a book released to commemorate 75 years of Independence.

Dr. Roy claimed that this technology has been patented and is also approved by the World Health Organization. Dr. Roy and his wife are in discussions with various organizations to license, manufacture and market the device.

Dr. Pei Liang told that this device is like a white pinewood box, which weighs 8 kg. By pressing just one switch, it starts producing oxygen from the water. It runs on electricity and can also give 3.5 hours of battery backup.

Speaking at an event organized by West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation Limited (Webel) and Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Liang said that the device can be manufactured on a large scale as well as simple.

Weibel’s Managing Director Sunrita Hazra said, “We are looking at a proposal to manufacture and market the oxygen generating device. We are positive about this technology. Anyone can operate the device. Considering the progress the startup has made, the device is expected to be commercialized in the next three months.

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