Platform Strives to Help Parents in Using Technology Effectively.

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) Your children likely spend more time online than you do and, with the ever-changing technology and apps, it’s hard to keep up. A new app developed by a man living in Cape Girardeau is aiming to aid parents in understanding the programs and apps their children use.

“We were the ones who discovered the loopholes, and what restrictions our parents tried to impose,” Brock Murphy said.

Murphy’s talking about him and the co-creators behind Parent ProTech. He said that they had always been one step ahead of parents in terms of technology. Now, as mature, man is establishing ways parents can learn the basics of the constantly evolving digital world.

“The primary goal that is the primary goal of Parent ProTech is really unpacking these platforms, helping parents comprehend the purpose behind them, assisting them in navigating them, and showing them how they can set parental control in place,” Murphy said.

Platform Strives to Help Parents in Using Technology Effectively.

It’s designed to assist parents to stay up-to-date with their children’s online activity.

“For youngsters, it’s just like YouTube Kids and Disney Plus and the like,” Murphy said. “But we use online social networking, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and we sort of get into gaming consoles such as Venmo as well. The list continues to grow,” Murphy said.

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For your kids, you know that they’re smarter than you. Students at Saxony Lutheran stated that parents frequently request help on things they view as straightforward.

“My mom will always be like “What’s this, what’s your home button?’ since iPhones don’t come with a home button,” Zachary Robinson said.

“My dad just got an upgraded phone and wanted to know how I could take screenshots from it.” Madeline Kiehne said.

“He didn’t have any idea how to install an application,” Jayden Buerck said.

“They want me to locate an application for their phone and instead tap and enter it into the app,” Aaron Zoellner said.

Zoellner admitted to having mixed opinions about the fact that his parents are using his preferred social media applications.

“I believe it’s assurance that they’re watching me out, however, in the same way, I’m a grown-up,” Zoellner said.

Murphy stated that even if kids do not like the idea of parents looking over their shoulders they are in their children’s best interests.

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“Every parent wants to do what’s best for their child,” Murphy said. “The security and well-being of their child is the top priority.”

“And it’s such a simple program for parents and their children to sign in and access the service to parents of our own and it’s been extremely well-received,” Mark Ruark said.

Ruark is Saxony Lutheran’s High School’s director. Ruark is currently in the 41st school year of his career as an instructor.

Naturally, in terms of technology, the world has changed dramatically since he began.

“When I first started out as an educator, we used an old-fashioned copy that was hand-cranked. I’m not even sure what we used to call”it,” Ruark said. “And nowadays, students use tablets in the classroom, and there’s no paper in the classroom anymore.”

Teachers must be aware of the activities of students on the Internet. So, those who have been working in the field of education for a long time are required to understand the details of technology and social media to stay current with their student.

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“I’m more advanced, the world of technology isn’t the one I grew up in, however, I’ve been required to master all I can about when working with high school students,” Ruark said.

While educators may be aware they cannot monitor students at all times This is the reason Ruark bought Parent ProTech to share with parents.

“We are able to achieve a certain amount as well. Parent ProTech bridges that gap between us and our family members,” Ruark said. “When children are home, the parents can be involved and understand the situation.”

Ruark stated that parents are very open to the program.

“It’s all about parents being aware and working together to ensure they are living a healthy media experience, since social media won’t go disappear,” Ruark said.

Murphy said that Parent ProTech can help parents get familiar with how to use specific software and apps, which aids them in figuring out what is best for their child.

“Trying to provide them with the best ammunition and information as they can in order to protect their children,” Murphy said.

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