Roger Ver, the oldest bitcoin investor, tells Dogecoin better! Know the reason

Rogers was the first to support the meme cryptocurrency DOGE, saying that Dogecoin is much better than Bitcoin in comparison. Explaining the reason, he called it cheaper and more reliable than bitcoin.

Crypto investor Roger Ver, known as Bitcoin Jesus, has made a shocking statement. Roger has described Dogecoin as better than Bitcoin. He added that the meme cryptocurrency Dodge has far more advantages than bitcoin. Apart from this, Roger has also supported Elon Musk’s decision to buy Twitter. He expressed the possibility that after becoming the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk will probably end censorship from this social media platform.

Roger Ver is a 43-year-old American who is often referred to as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ because he is one of those people who started investing in bitcoin since time immemorial and also started promoting the digital currency. . Roger recently gave an interview to Bloomberg in which he said some surprising things. He supported the first meme cryptocurrency DOGE, saying that Dogecoin is much better than Bitcoin. Giving the reason, he described it as cheaper and more reliable than bitcoin.

Roger Ver, the oldest bitcoin investor, tells Dogecoin better! Know the reason

He also said that he had stopped supporting bitcoin for some time now because bitcoin is seen as an alternative currency and it was not moving in that direction for some time now. It had strayed from its original purpose. Rogers doesn’t count himself as the only person touting the benefits of bitcoin, as is the case with MicroStrategy chief Michael Saylor. Sellers always seem to support bitcoin.

Michael Saylor recently gave an interview to a popular media channel in which Seller praised bitcoin fiercely. He added that the risk is very low with bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency. It is much safer than other traditional assets. These are the features that make it the best option for retirement. That is, if you want better returns at the time of your retirement, then investing in bitcoin is the best option for that.

At the same time, Roger Ver’s name may be associated with Bitcoin but he has surprised everyone with his statement. Not only this, Roger named two more altcoins that could emerge as rivals to bitcoin. Regarding Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, he said that, apart from Dodgecoin, these are the two altcoins that have the power to deprive bitcoin of the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

Roger also gave his opinion on Elon Musk’s decision to take over Twitter. He expressed hope that after taking over the reins of Twitter, Musk will focus more on freedom of speech on social media. Roger’s name has been known in the crypto industry since time immemorial. He started investing in bitcoin in 2011. At that time the trading value of bitcoin used to be around $1.

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