Samsung appears to confirm three Android updates for the Note 20 series

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 family

  • During Galaxy Unpacked, Samsung appeared to confirm that Samsung Galaxy Note 20 updates will come for three years.
  • This would be a one-year upgrade to the usual two-year cycle of Samsung’s phones.
  • We are awaiting full confirmation, but if this ends up being true, the Note 20 would get Android 14 in 2023.

Today, during Galaxy Unpacked, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Towards the end of the event, though, the company appeared to confirm that the Android upgrade cycle of the devices would be longer than usual.

Federico Casalegno, Samsung’s global SVP, said that Samsung is “supporting your operating system for three generations of devices.” While he said it, on the screen, it showed a headline that said “OS updates up to three generations” and then “latest features” and “latest security.”

This makes us think that Samsung Galaxy Note 20 updates will come for three generations of Android rather than the usual two. However, the wording is confusing. We have reached out to Samsung to get clarity on this.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 updates: Three years now?

If this ends up being true, that would mean the Galaxy Note 20 would launch with Android 10 and then quickly see Android 11. Then Android 12, Android 13, and Android 14 would follow before the device would cease receiving official updates.

Samsung didn’t just announce the Note 20 at the event, though. It also announced the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Would that also get three generations of Android? What about other Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S20 series which only landed a few months ago? There are a lot of questions.

We will update this article as soon as we hear back from Samsung on the matter.

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