Samsung’s new Galaxy Fit 2 promises users over two weeks of battery life

If Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 is a bit too over the top for your fitness goals, the company’s now offering a more basic alternative: the Galaxy Fit 2. 

As a follow-up to its first-generation Galaxy Fit, the Fit 2 doesn’t look all that different. The major upgrades here include a larger display, a new color option, and double the battery life.

The Fit 2 has a 1.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen display with curved glass that’s bigger than the 0.95-inch screen on the first model. And it appears to have thinner bezels as well. 

For color options, Samsung is offering the device in either black or scarlet — a nice and bright departure from the underwhelming white and silver combination offered with the first Fit.

As with any standard fitness tracker, it logs metrics like calories burned, distance, heart rate, steps, and more throughout the day. It also has auto-detection for fitness modes, including running, walking, and biking. 

This definitely looks more coral than scarlet, but I’ll take it.

At night, you can wear it to monitor your sleep quality, tracking stages like REM, light, and deep sleep. In the morning, you’ll see your Sleep Score — which breaks down how well you slept throughout the night — along with a more in-depth analysis via the Samsung Health app. 

The Fit 2 packs plenty of battery power to get you through both the day and night. Compared to the original Fit, Samsung has managed to double the battery life on the new version, claiming up to 15 days. Of course, that’s all dependent on your own usage, but it still means you won’t have to worry about throwing it on the charger every night. 

That battery life is also a bit longer than the recently announced Fitbit Inspire 2 — another entry-level fitness tracker — which is rated for up to ten days of power on a single charge.

As for the Fit 2’s specific features, Samsung remains tight-lipped, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out what else it’s capable of. The same goes for pricing and availability. But given that its first-generation model retailed for $99, it’s safe to assume this new fitness tracker will cost around the same.

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