Uttarakhand Weather Update: Saryu river overflowing in Bageshwar, four people trapped in the island, see photos

It has been raining continuously since last Wednesday night in Dug-Nakuri tehsil of Bageshwar district. It rained heavily for one hour in the morning at the district headquarters. After that, the weather opened. People went out to hunt sand, gravel, and fish on the banks of the river. Suddenly the water level of Saryu rose. Which caused an uproar. Four laborers got stuck in the middle of the day. He was rescued by the police and fire team.

The Municipality’s temporary bridge on the Saryu river near the Bagnath temple has also been washed away. Due to the rise in the water level of the Saryu river in the month of May, the concern of the people living on the banks of the river has increased. Due to the dirty water of the river, there has also been a shortage of drinking water. On Thursday, the Saryu river suddenly sprang up. In front of Vikas Bhawan, the lives of four laborers who were taking sand out of the river came to an end. He saved his life by going to the island built in the middle of the river.

Seeing the laborers in distress, the people around informed the fire brigade. After being informed, fire brigade personnel reached the spot. He took the laborers out safely by running a rescue operation. The water level of Saryu has started rising due to continuous rains in the Dug Nakuri area.

People have built houses, shops, etc. by encroaching on the banks of the Saryu river. During the rainy season, the water level of the river rises, causing danger to the houses. People started getting scared after the water level of the river increased on Thursday. Bageshwar SDM Har Giri said that people are being stopped from going toward the rivers. Caution has been called for. Water police have also been deployed.

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