Snapchat can now allow you to put off your Snap Streaks

In order to maintain Snap Streaks — which is when you send a photo to your friend every 24 hours is essential for a large number of people who are Snapchat users. To capitalize on this fact, Snapchat allows users to stop their Snap streaks so that they don’t have to be concerned about breaking them should they choose to stop using Snap for a time.

Snap Streaks Snapchat allows users to stop only one streak at no cost during the trial period.

“A lost Snap Streak doesn’t mean your friendship has gone cold, so starting today, we’re making it easier to take a break with a new feature we’re testing to let you reignite the spark and restore one Streak for free with just one tap,” the company stated in its announcement.

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The company announced that users will be offered “the option to add more Streak Restores right from the app,” and costs will be 99c per pause for the US. Snap added that it is planning to launch the capability for Snapchat+ users to freeze streaks. This means that users must pay or pay for the privilege of keeping streaks.

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In the last month, the social network introduced chatbots to its paid plan, powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology.

At the Investor Day event in February, Snap said that it now has over 775 million active users per month and more than 2.5 million paying users. In addition, it announced announcements to developers and creators. The company claimed that it’s offering ray tracing technology for developers to create Lenses that have real effects. In addition, it has launched options to make it simpler for creators to utilize licensed sound effects for their photos.


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