Some Twitter Users Claim their Accounts have been Locked out.

Some users on Twitter reported that Monday that they could not access their accounts using browsers on the internet, the latest complaint about an issue with the technology since the CEO Elon Musk sacked many of the company’s employees.

A surge in reported issues was noticed around 3.30 p.m. Eastern and lasted approximately three hours According to Downdetector an organization that tracks complaints about online services.

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Other ways to access Twitter like apps for mobile phones did not appear in any way affected.

Some Twitter Users Claim their Accounts have been Locked out.

The term “Desktop Twitter” was among the most popular topics trending for the month of September on Twitter across the United States, as people were able to find other ways to share their thoughts and voice their displeasure on the platform. A few users uploaded images of Twitter soliciting them to set up new accounts to rejoin.

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The reason for the outage was not immediately apparent. Twitter did not respond immediately to a request for comments regarding the issues and Musk did not tweet about it until 6 p.m. ET.

The issues reported echoed an earlier episode that occurred in February when some users reported receiving error messages while trying to make a post on Twitter.

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Musk who bought Twitter in a deal worth $44 billion just six months ago has sacked most of the company’s employees in an effort to reduce costs and pay off the company’s debt.

However, some former employees have claimed that these reductions are having a negative impact on the reliability of Twitter which is based on a complicated network of massive computer servers and algorithms.

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