Sonos One vs. Sonos Era 100

A little over six years have passed since Sonos introduced its Sonos One, the introductory smart speaker it is now launching its successor model, it’s the Sonos Era 100. The new model doesn’t appear like the original, but it has several improvements, such as an additional tweeter, Wi-Fi 6, and, lastly, Bluetooth.

Sonos plans to retire both Sonos One and the Sonos One and the Sonos One SL however, it will sell both models as long as supplies last.

In this Sonos Era 100 vs. Sonos One comparison, we’ll examine the two speakers side-by-side to determine where Sonos has made improvements and also to determine whether the upgrade is worth it for you.

Sonos One vs. Sonos Era 100

Sonos Era 100 vs. Sonos One: Price and availability

Sonos Era 100 will cost $249 (PS249/EUR279/AUD $399) when it is available for sale on March 28. Preorders begin this morning (March 7, 2007).).

At present, currently, the Sonos One is $219, as is it’s the Sonos One SL (which doesn’t come with smart speaker features) costs $199. In the introduction of this article, both the Sonos One and the Sonos One SL are for sale until supplies run out However, they will be gradually withdrawn.

The Sonos Era 100 and the Sonos One are available in black and white.

Sonos Era 100 vs. Sonos One: Design

The size-wise in size, it’s a bit bigger. Era 100 is a bit bigger than The Sonos One, but not significantly. It’s not a huge difference. Sonos Era 100 is a little less than an inch higher and approximately half an inch wider than the One which means there’s not any significant difference in dimensions. But it is notable that it is more rounded than the One. Era 100 has more of a rounded appearance in comparison to that of the Sonos One, and its grille is a bit longer in the vertical direction.

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Era 100’s controls have not as well-designed as those of the Sonos One. The main modification can be seen in the fact that Era is now equipped with a tiny groove that runs through the middle. It allows you to slide your finger across the groove to increase or lower the volume. It is also possible to tap either side for a similar effect. To the left of the Era 100 are buttons for play/pause, reverse, and forward. In Sonos One Sonos One, the latter two functions were paired with the volume controls. having them separate from Era 100 makes things less complicated.

Instead of having an Ethernet port like Sonos One, instead of an Ethernet port as found on Sonos One, the Era 100 features a USB-C connection in the back. Sonos offers adapters that offer an Ethernet connection along with an adapter for line-in, which means that you are able to link this Sonos Era 100 straight to an audio turntable. This makes Sonos’ Era 100 a good alternative for those who don’t wish to purchase a device like that of the Sonos Amp.

A Combo Adapter ($39.99) will enable you to connect to both Ethernet as well as a 3.5mm audio input, whereas its Line-In Adapter ($19.99) is intended for audio only.

Sonos Era 100 vs. Sonos One: Audio capabilities

The most significant difference that has occurred between Sonos One and the Sonos Era 100 is that the latter has two tweeters, in contrast to only one on the One. Furthermore, the Era 100’s bass woofer is 25% larger than the one in the Sonos One, which should lead to better bass response.

Furthermore, since it’s the Era 100 has two tweeters which means you can enjoy stereo sound from one speaker, instead of having to buy two. (You can also pair two Era 100s for a more immersive sound experience, and they can even be utilized as rear speakers if you own the Sonos Arc, Sonos Beam as well as a Sonos Ray Soundbar.)

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The Sonos Era 100, Android users will have the benefit that iPhone customers have been enjoying for a long time in the past since Sonos has added an automatic Trueplay feature to the new speaker. The feature, first added within Sonos Move Sonos Move (and similar to that of Apple HomePod 2) Apple HomePod 2), makes use of the speaker’s microphone to monitor for reflections of audio and then automatically adjusts the sound output of the speakers to take into account the room’s Acoustics. The Sonos One, Trueplay was restricted to iPhone users.

It is important to note that the advanced Trueplay — where you can move your iPhone around the room while the speaker plays an array of tones remain available on Sonos Era 100. Sonos Era 100, and is currently only available for iPhones.

Sonos Era 100 vs. Sonos One: Connectivity and smart home features

The announcement has been long getting here: The Sonos Era 100 has Bluetooth which means that either the technology has improved to the point that Sonos can stream audio through the Bluetooth connection or the demand from consumers is so great that the company is unable to deny the possibility of using it. Whatever the case, it will make it much more convenient to stream music wirelessly onto Sonos Era 100 than the Sonos One.

The Era 100’s Wi-Fi network has also been improved. It comes with a Wi-Fi 6 antenna, meaning you can enjoy even greater speed in conjunction with a Wi-Fi router. Sonos One Sonos One has 802.11n connectivity that works well but is a few generations old as of now.

One area in which Sonos One has an edge over the Era 100 is in its voice assistants. Sonos One has the Era 100 edge is in the area of voice assistants. It’s true that the Sonos One will work with both Alexa as well as Google Assistant However, initially this model Era 100 will only work with Alexa. It’s likely to be the result of ongoing disputes with Sonos and Google regarding intelligent speakers as well as voice-control technology. So, if you’re looking to get a smart speaker that controls the operation of your Google Home smart home devices The Sonos One is the better choice.

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The speakers also feature Sonos its very own personal assistant for voice, however, it’s limited to controlling music playback.

Sonos Era 100 vs. Sonos One: Should you upgrade?

We’ll need to hear Sonos One on Sonos One next to the Sonos Era 100 before we are able to definitively say how much the sound improves from one model to another. While doing the course of our Sonos Era 100 hands-on, we were certainly impressed with the sound quality. (You’ll be sure to check out Sonos Era 300 hands-on if you’re looking for a device that has stereo audio.)

If you have a Sonos One, there’s probably no reason to upgrade to an Era 100; why get rid of one of the top audio systems if you’ve got it in use?

Sonos does offer an upgrade program that on Monday 6 March offered 15% off a brand new device when you exchange a Sonos One or a Sonos Play:1 which could bring the cost to The Sonos Era 100 around the same cost as Sonos One. Sonos One.

If you’re looking for the ability to link a turntable to the smart speakers, or you have an Android phone, but you want audio that is better suited to the room you are in Sonos Era 100 could be worth the money.

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