Cells in Google Sheets Spreadsheets are fragile documents; It’s easy to accidentally replace a cell that “breaks” a calculation, ruins the formatting, or causes the overall document to be incorrect. Therefore, like any spreadsheet, it is important to know how to lock cells in Google Sheets. Fortunately, Google Sheets allows […]

Duplicates in Google Sheets entries can be added when new data is imported into a spreadsheet or due to a simple human data entry error. Instead of manually checking each line that tries to locate information, remove Duplicate multiple times. In Google Sheets, you can use a built-in tool, feature, […]

Google Sheets provides useful templates. When these templates don’t match your needs, create your template in Google Sheets. When you want to share a spreadsheet, create your own template that looks the same with each use. To create a custom Google Sheet template, copy the contents of the spreadsheet into […]

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