Telegram turns became the number 1 most downloaded non-gaming app in January 2021, surpassing Whatsapp, TikTok, Signal, Facebook.

Telegram has overtaken Whatsapp to become number one in the most downloaded non-gaming app in January 2021. India’s share in Telegram’s total download is 24%. This has been revealed from the latest data of Sensor Tower. The messaging app Telegram received a total of 6.3 crore downodes last month.

Telegram becomes the most downloaded app in the world.

In such a situation, in January, Telegram got 1.5 crore new users in India. People are upset after Whatsapp’s new privacy policy in India and hence are switching to other messaging platforms like Telegram and Signal. For this reason, users are increasing on other messaging platforms Telegram and Signal.

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Whatsapp is suffering due to its new privacy policy. Among the apps that have been most downgraded in January, Telegram (TikTok), Signal and Facebook (Facebook) number after Telegram. WhatsApp has moved to the fifth position in the most downloaded list. Earlier WhatsApp was at number three on this list. Telegram has got the highest installation base from India after Indonesia. Indonesia accounts for 10% of the total downloads of Telegram.

Telegram turns becomes the most downloaded app in world

TikTok is second in the list of most downloaded. Tittock received 6.2 million downloads in January. China has the highest share of 17% in these downloads. After this, the US share is 10%. Although TikTok is banned in India. TikTok was banned in India last year and is still banned in India. In India, more than 100 Chinese apps including PUBG were also banned.

TikTok was the most downloaded app in December 2020. According to the report of the censor tower Tiktok was also not included in the list of Top Five at that time. But after WhatsApp’s policy, Telegram gained the most in January and became the most downloaded app. In January 2021, Instagram reached number six in non-gaming apps. It is followed by Zoom, MX Taka Tak, Snapchat, and Messenger.


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