The best tweets of the week, including Garth Maul and Corn Palace

What a week! We did it folks, it’s Friday. (Although who could be sure?)

 Anyways, do you like good tweets because we’ve got good tweets. We’ve been   now because we can and what else do you have to do in quarantine but read tweets? 

Well, alright then, let’s do this. Here are 16 of our favorite tweets from this week.

1. OK, too real

2. Death leaves… cannot wait

3. I choose Darth Brooks

4. Thinking about boats

5. OK, I’ve got to be honest: this is my tweet. But I’m quite proud of my fried chicken and I’m hungry.

6. Yes, this is my tweet too. Quarantine is long. Give me a break. You can send complaints about this list to [email protected] 

7. A honk shoo ass dog

8. Large baby

9. Obligatory dril post

10. Very real

11. Hmm…. I cannot spot which one

12. Mini thread about a zine for ants

13. MEGADESK lives

14. That is not the line


16. And finally,

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