Monsoon 2022: Relief From Heat can be given Soon, Now the Countdown of Monsoon has Started

Countdown of Monsoon: After breaking the record of 121 years of heat falling in the months of March and April, the weather gave some relief at the beginning of May, but due to the arrival of the central part of UP in the periphery of the Tropic of Cancer, the sun again turned strong. In the midst of the scorching heat, now the eyes are fixed on the monsoon and the wait for its arrival has started.

According to the Meteorological Department, there is no relief from the heat at the moment, monsoon is also getting ready to knock in UP on its scheduled time. Meteorologists have predicted the onset of monsoon in UP including Kanpur till June 20. Only then can people get relief from the heat.

Monsoon 2022 Relief from heat can be given soon, now the countdown of monsoon has started

Monsoon Can Come in the Middle of June:

Dr. Sunil Kumar Pandey, the meteorologist of Chandrashekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur, says that this time also the monsoon activities are similar to the previous years and the UP monsoon is at its scheduled time in the middle of June. may come. He said that this year the southwest monsoon is likely to be normal in the country.

The IMD has forecast 868.6 mm of rainfall over India on a 1971-2020 (period) basis for the southwest monsoon season. In the northern part of India, central India, the foothills of the Himalayas, and some parts of north-west India, the sun gradually starts turning north and reaches above the Tropic of Cancer by the end of June. After this, the monsoon activities intensify. This time too, the monsoon can rain on the Malabar coast of Kerala on June 1 and then increase and knock-in UP by June 21.

Normal Rain But Harmful:

Dr. Sunil Pandey says that for the past few years the rain is getting good but it is becoming harmful for the crops. They say that the rains are slow and torrential over a day or two, not a week. Due to heavy rains for a day or two, the fields get filled with water and then leave. After this, there is no rain for fifteen days to a month, due to which the soil and the crop dry up.

This type of rain is not beneficial for the crops. The recharge system also does not work due to this rain not reaching the moisture inside the ground. This time too, the IMD has predicted intermittent rain. Crops will suffer the most due to this. Earlier, due to continuous rain for many days, the crops benefited along with getting relief from the heat.

What is the Monsoon System:

Meteorologist Dr. Sunil Pandey explains that the monsoon comes from two sides, first from Kerala and second from the Bay of Bengal. At the onset of the monsoon, the Malabar Coast of Kerala receives the first rainfall. From here it rains from Gujarat to Kanyakumari, then after entering Rajasthan, it rains after hitting the peak of the Aravali range.

After this, there is a possibility of coming up to UP in Central India. At the same time, the Bay of Bengal branch of the Southwest Monsoon enters West Bengal and enters the plains of North India via Kolkata, and travels to Delhi via Patna, Allahabad, and Kanpur. From Delhi to the west, this monsoon does not rain.

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