The DJI Osmo Pocket is great for vlogging, and you can get one for $100 off

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Small, but quite mighty.

Image: DJI

TL;DR: The DJI Osmo Pocket is a pint-sized but powerful camera that’s great for vlogging and rivals the GoPro — get one on Amazon and save $100. 

Moments are fleeting and memories are short, which is why we tend to document all the fun and important things we do. There are plenty of ways to do that — film cameras, DSLRs, instant cameras, your smartphone — but nothing quite brings you back to the moment like a high-quality video.

That’s why the DJI Osmo Pocket is the video camera you’ll want on-hand. In addition to already being a great device, you can get an Osmo Pocket on Amazon for $100 off its usual price right now. 

Plug the Osmo Pocket right into your smartphone.

Plug the Osmo Pocket right into your smartphone.

Whether you want to start a vlog-based YouTube channel or just want to keep all the content to yourself, DJI’s Osmo Pocket should complement your adventures effortlessly. Thanks to the device’s three-axis gimbal, you won’t experience the camera shake that comes with just about any other piece of portable video equipment — the Osmo Pocket adjusts precisely to your movements, making everything you film look cinematic and smooth. The device also has a universal port that can connect to your smartphone with a companion app, allowing for more flexible use and a bigger screen to view everything without losing that gorgeous video quality. And it’s all housed in a compact device that never feels cumbersome. 

Where the GoPro works best for those going on high-octane endeavors, the Osmo Pocket is meant to beautifully capture everyday life — get yours on Amazon and save $100

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