The Elantra May Soon Get Less Ugly

Elantra: It’s the Hyundai Elantra N has been among our top small-performance vehicles. It’s more enjoyable to drive than most sporty cars and is a truly exceptional value for the money, costing several thousand dollars less than the cars that it is directly competing with. But, there’s always one drawback: it’s hard to see.

The Elantra May Soon Get Less Ugly

It’s true that there’s a reason that Elantra as well as the Elantra N are the way they’re amazing for driving, and as beautiful interiors are, they can be hard to look at when taking a walk towards it. One of the biggest issues is the huge area of the grille, which is a massive black chasm that dominates every other feature. It’s good news, Hyundai has just announced a new Elantra for Korea and the expectation is that we’ll get it in the near future. It looks a lot better.

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The parts of the car’s current model remain, but the design tones them down to be distinctive however, they aren’t offensive. The light bar is now visible on the upper part of the grille while the front grille is less imposing since it’s divided by a small amount of bodywork. As you could have guessed, the majority of the changes are confined to the front of the car and the rear is almost identical.

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We don’t have a specific time date for when the new Elantra will be available in to the U.S., but as it is expected to be the model year 2024 car, we could expect it to be arriving in the autumn. We hope that an N that has the new style will be released shortly thereafter.

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