The “GPT Effect” may Cause AI Chatbots to Become Commonplace

  • Microsoft’s new Bing is powered by technology from OpenAI, whose megahit bot ChatGPT is reshaping search.
  • Google announced its own AI bot Bard, which is still being tested.
  • ChatGPT’s success could lead to more AI bots mediating how people use the Internet, tech experts said.
Large-scale language models aren’t novel however the rapid growth that OpenAI’s ChatGPT has put Microsoft with Google in the new internet search wars. This could alter the way that the web will appear.
Microsoft’s brand new Bing chatbot, which is powered by the OpenAI technology in their “multibillion dollars” alliance, experiencing apparent issues. (Bing’s AI chatbot has already earned a name for itself due to its quirky and hilarious reactions to users who’ve had the opportunity to try it).



However, the hype is robust -Microsoft Executive Yusuf Mehdi tweeted this week that “multiple millions” are waiting to try the bot and that the bot is being evaluated across “169 nations.”

Google appears to be working on pushing the company’s personal Bard AI chatbot out the of the Sundar Pichai urging employees to make progress to ensure that the bot is in place to be deployed.

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It is expected to change the way people search, from a simple request that results in an index of results. Insider’s tests of the brand new Bing, for instance, discovered the bot to have an engaging system that could be a virtual assistant that can swiftly search the web to offer specific recommendations for sightseeing and travel or to create daily schedules.

But this AI-assistant, conversational type of model could be applied into other things that consumers are doing online, such as shopping, managing their finances, or even monitoring their workouts, according to Prasanna Arikala the chief technology officer of, a company in Orlando.

The problem that OpenAI’s leadership has admitted is to make sure that bots are providing the trustworthy information, he stated.

“It will definitely transform the way we live our lives,” Arikala said to Insider. “But that being said, it’s important to be aware of what the boundaries are in terms of what you should consider, and how you can consume the information in a responsible manner.”

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ChatGPT itself is a great tool to in the development of various AI models, Said Cameron Turner, director of data science at Kin + Carta, a Chicago-based consultancy firm that assists companies on how to effectively use data in order to improve their business. Turner has also been a leader of an important team focused on data within Microsoft known as its telemetry division.

Turner stated that ChatGPT could be a way to organize data, which can then be converted into a source of information that can then be used to train other AI models for more specific applications. AI technology is currently being created, for example, to aid in research in the field of health and cyberattacks and to enhance logistical logistics for the supply chain.

Making use of AI to do this will help “if you’re looking to test your ideas at a cost-effective way without committing to a purchase and without the large-scale purchase of data to test the hypothesis” he added.

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This isn’t just about the internet that’s at risk. Tech experts are optimistic that OpenAI’s advancing language processing tool will help other kinds of innovative technologies that human beings interact with. It might, for example, aid robots in learning how to communicate, claimed Tesca Fitzgerald as who is an associate professor at Yale University who teaches a course on artificial intelligence and studies robotics.

Robots are trained and programmed to move, sense their surroundings and navigate around their surroundings and interact with their surroundings, with all of these elements requiring expertise in a specific field, Fitzgerald said. OpenAI’s GPT technology can be utilized to aid robots in “talking” to humans who are directing them, she explained.

“We could utilize GPT to teach robots the process of breaking down an issue into steps to complete the tasks” stated Fitzgerald.


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