The Heat Pump From this US Business Operates at -22F.

The US Department of Energy’s Cold Climate Heat Pump Challenge awarded Rheem’s heat pump, which has its global headquarters in Atlanta, an “exemplary performance” designation.

In order to address common technical and market barriers to wider consumer adoption, including a performance at temperatures of 5F and below, installation difficulties, and electricity grid impacts during peak demand periods, DOE established the Heat Pump Challenge.

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In other words, they must function properly in chilly areas. This is due to the fact that heating, cooling, and water heating account for 40% of the primary energy consumption in buildings in the US and are a significant source of emissions.

The Heat Pump From this US Business Operates at -22F.


n order to test the effectiveness of cold environment heat pumps, DOE is collaborating with manufacturers. Over the following couple of years, there will be field testing.

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Along with Rheem, the challenge also includes participation from Johnson Controls, Carrier, Trane, and Bosch.

According to Rheem, the DOE found that its domestic heat pump exceeded expectations in the challenge.

When heating at 5F ambient temperature, Rheem enhanced their previous design to generate 5% greater COP than the DOE challenge requirements. COP measures how much useable heat a heat pump will create if given a specified energy input.

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Additionally, the Rheem heat pump outperformed the DOE challenge requirements with a 9% higher HSPF2 (heating seasonal performance factor).

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