The Man Found Guilty of Murdering Nipsey Hussle Received a Sentence of 60 Years or More to Live.

In the span of seven months, since a Los Angeles jury convicted the man who shot and killed the famous Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle, Eric Holder was sentenced to 60 years in prison and a life sentence as per CNN.

Holder 32-year-old Holder killed and shot Hussle in front of the doors of the Marathon Clothing store in South Los Angeles in the year 2019. The incident occurred following an argument between the two men, who were both parts that of the regional Rollin 1960s Crips group. Holder was found guilty of first-degree murder in July as reported by The New York Times.

The man found guilty of murdering Nipsey Hussle received a sentence of 60 years or more to live.


Holder was sentenced to 25 years in prison to be sentenced for the shooting of Hussle and another 25 years for enhancements to firearms according to CNN. Holder received a sentence of 10 years for two counts of manslaughter by voluntary choice following the deaths of two innocent bystanders through the air during his assault.

In the court hearing on sentencing the letter of his father, who was reading it out to the judge.

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“I realize that there aren’t enough words or excuses to fill the void that has been created, the loss of sadness, the immense sadness that and grief that the entire family from Ermias Asghedom (Nipsey Hussle) is experiencing. You can’t imagine the agony of grief, the total shock and despair I am feeling knowing that My son Eric Jr., committed suicide,” the letter read per CNN.

In the trial, witnesses testified that Hussle confronted Holder regarding rumors that he was involved in a snitch and cooperated with police. After the exchange witnesses claimed that Holder was briefly absent from the area, and went back to the parking lot in the store with a loaded gun. He fired at Hussle at least ten times, then hit him on the head.

In the course of the trial, investigators also tried to make the case that Hussle’s murder was planned following the time both men engaged in a short conversation during which Hussle was accused by Holder as the “snitch.”

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The allegations “moved Eric Holder to a level of wanting to go back into the park to kill Nipsey Hussle” Deputy District Attorney John McKinney said, according to The Associated Press.

The defense team did not admit the fact that Holder was the one responsible However, Holder’s legal team wanted to bring the charges of attempted murder to voluntary manslaughter, by arguing that the murder was not intentional, but rather a result that was the result of “heated passionate.”

Many witnesses who were present at the time of the shooting took to the stand and gave their emotional accounts.

Herman “Cowboy” Douglas, an employee and friend of Hussle’s said that there was nothing unusual during the time of the shooting. Douglas also stated that the rapper was not associated with gang activities that day.

Hussle’s sudden death at 33 shocked the hip-hop world, as well as the South LA community the rapper, was raised. He inspired tributes from rappers Meek Mill and Roddy Ricch and murals on the streets of LA.

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The rapper was born Ermias asghedom. Hussle released his own mixtapes through the mid-2010s. However, it wasn’t until 2018, that Hussle released his debut album of his own “Victory Lap.” The album was nominated for the Grammy for best album of rap.

From South LA, however, Hussle was also regarded as a figure of the community who hoped to be an example for his community by promoting entrepreneurial spirit and deploring the use of guns.

Hussle bought a plaza in the Crenshaw neighborhood to start Marathon Clothing and where he wanted to construct a six-story residence with a particular focus on housing for the poor according to The Los Angeles Times.

“Growing to be a youngster I was always looking for someone — not to offer me anything but someone who cared,” Hussle told The LA Times. “Someone who was creating an opportunity for change, and who was not a person who had an agenda other than their own interests.”

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