The newest Beats Solo Pro on-ear headphones are $100 off

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The Beats Solo Pro offer up to 40 hours of battery life for both iOS and Android users.

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TL;DR: Switch up your style with a colorful pair of Beats Solo Pro wireless noise canceling on-ear headphones for $199.95, a $100 savings as of Sept. 14. 

The concept of noise-canceling can be a bit confusing. I mean, sure it would be great not to hear the construction outside my window, but will I be able to hear a car beeping at me while I cross the street? The idea is even more perplexing with over-the-ear headphones that would seem to block out absolutely everything, leaving you feeling a bit more secluded than you were hoping. 

Don’t worry, this isn’t what happens. Noise-canceling is much more glorious than you think it is — especially with Beats. 

The Beats Solo Pro, in particular, offer active noise-cancellation and transparency at the same time. Transparency is the magic that will keep you aware of your surroundings even when nodding your head along to your favorite song. 

They offer 22 hours of listening time and come in fun colors like dark blue, red and light blue. (We promise the colors are a lot more creative than the color names let on.) 

Grab your pair for $100 off at Amazon, dropping the price to just $199.95

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