The Twitter Timeline has Been Broken for Many Users (Updated)

Twitter timeline: The most common way to tell when a service is down is to check Twitter. However, at this point, we’re unable to do much since Twitter is experiencing difficulties. Numerous people, including people from the TechCrunch staff, shared that various parts of the social media platform aren’t working in their favor, including the timeline below. This algorithms-driven “For You” feed shows tweets from the past.

Many people have submitted accounts of Twitter being unavailable via desktop and mobile on A service that detects outages by analyzing reports from the crowd.

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Some aspects of Twitter like notifications and lists are functioning perfectly. If you send tweets, they will be listed on these lists. The most efficient way to get access to Twitter is via Tweetdeck lists.

Although #TwitterDown is trending on the social media platform, it’s not possible to view all the latest tweets using the hashtag.

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The latest glitch comes just several days following Elon Musk’s slashing more than 200 positions in the most recent round of layoffs for the company. Twitter Blue’s chief Esther Crawford and newsletter app Revue’s Martijn de Kuijper.

It’s not the first time that Twitter has been in trouble in the last few months. The company was hit in December when the network encountered glitches and displayed users the “rate-exceeding limit” error. Then, Musk said that the company had implemented “significant backend server architecture changes”. At the beginning of this year, Australian users encountered difficulties getting access to the services.

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Since February of this year, Twitter began to notify users when they had reached the “daily rate limit”. The same time another issue was hindering users from following other Twitter users.

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