This discounted Alienware curved gaming monitor is perfect for ‘Crusader Kings 3’

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Better invest in a new monitor before “Cyberpunk 2077”  finally arrives later this year.

Image: Alienware

TL;DR: Buy the immersive Alienware 34-inch curved gaming monitor for just $949.99 at Dell as of Sept. 3.

One of the perks of gaming PCs over consoles is that a PC can pull double-duty between work and play. A powerful gaming laptop allows you to switch from a few rounds of conquest in Crusader Kings 3 to study time in an instant. A gaming monitor also provides that same versatility, just like this Alienware curved monitor on sale at Dell. 

Get an early start on Labor Deals with an Alienware 34-inch AW3420DW curved gaming monitor on sale for $949.99 from Dell. With an original retail price of $1,519.99 at Dell, that’s a $570 discount for you. That’s 38% off the original price, and naturally you qualify for free shipping from Dell. 

While curved TVs didn’t catch on, curved monitors are actually worthwhile. They offer an almost panoramic view while you sit in front for a more immersive gaming experience. And this Alienware monitor enhances it even more with a 3440 x 1440 Wide Quad HD resolution containing over 4.9 million pixels. Add that to a wide color gamut and you get to enjoy every little detail in crystal-clear quality. 

And with that high resolution, you’ll need plenty of performance to make it consistent. The AW3420DW boasts a 2ms response time along with a 120Hz refresh rate. And with native G-Sync support, it offers smoother images free of tearing while the screen stays in sync with any Nvidia graphics card. 

Add that level of performance to a bold design with customizable lighting and you get a monitor that looks great on any desk. And on sale for just $949.99, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your gaming station an upgrade. 

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