To “Introduce Best AI Agents to Billions of People,” Says Meta

Meta Chief Mark Zuckerberg said that recent advancements in artificial technology offer an “opportunity to bring AI Agents to millions of individuals in ways that are beneficial and useful.”

The Zuck spoke out during a meeting with investors held on Wednesday, following Meta’s announcement of figures for the first quarter.

The words of the CEO were alert to investors that Meta intends to compete against Microsoft’s OpenAI and Google in creating AI-powered chatbots with generative capabilities like ChatGPT and Bard that have attracted massive attention in recent months.

To Introduce AI Agents to Billions of People, Says Meta

While Microsoft and Google began to implement AI technology into their online services, Zuckerberg was keen to inform investors that similar tools created by Meta will “touch all of our offerings” and will be beneficial to all users, from “regular individuals to creators to companies.”

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In one instance to illustrate, the Facebook co-founder spoke about the ways in which “tens of millions of AI agents” employed by businesses can boost customer support and result in “way more companies that are able to afford engaged in a chat.”

Meta’s boss said that the company is focused on advancing the metaverse in spite of recent reports suggesting an evolution toward AI.

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Zuckerberg’s remarks come two months after he announced that Meta was unifying its AI teams as part of an organizational change that was designed in order to “turbocharge” its efforts in this field.

They are also the result of major changes at Meta which have seen more than 20,000 employees go in the last few months, and Zuckerberg declaring 2023 to be”the year of efficiency. “year for efficiency.”

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Meta announced on Wednesday $28.6 billion in revenue in the first quarter which ended March 31. The profit was $5.7 billion, which is an increase of 24 percent when compared to the same time the previous year.

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