Twitter Has Delayed the Release of its New API Platform

Twitter caused a stir among fans earlier in the month when it revealed plans to end accessibility for users at no cost to their API. It initially announced the deadline for February 9 to enforce the rule, but then delayed it until February 13. The social network has delayed the shutdown of its API for its free API yet again, and this time, there’s no timeframe in the latest of the increasing list of issues within the company owned by Elon Musk.

Twitter’s Twitter Developer account said late Monday that it will delay the launch of the brand new API platform “by several more days.” There’s been an “immense level of excitement” about the forthcoming platform upgrade, the company insists.

Twitter Has Delayed the Release of its New API Platform

In the past couple of weeks, developers have voiced displeasure over the lack of transparency and transparency of the firm behind the social network. The company partially addressed this by temporarily putting the forum’s website for developers behind the login page last week without providing any explanation. The forum website, now up and running is inundated with queries from developers who want to know exactly how this API will be priced. API would be priced.

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The delay could also affect development plans for developers as well as startups that build products around Twitter API as they wouldn’t have any certainty on the future spending or budget allocation on the platform.

Twitter has announced that the base level of its API that includes “low-level utilization” will cost $100, however, it the company did not specify the amount of usage that falls within the “low-level” range. The company also stated it will offer an API that is free to write that allows users to post 1500 tweets per month. This is in line with Elon Musk’s commitment to providing a lightweight API for “good” bots that provide content.

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Many researchers and academics are concerned about having to pay money to get access to Twitter data that was previously available for free through the Academic Research tier of the Twitter API version 2.

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