UK Police Gets Rs 52 Crore Cryptocurrency from Drug Dealer, Jailed for 9 years

A case related to cryptocurrencies and drugs has come to light in the UK. Millions of dollars in cryptocurrency and cocaine have been found in a person living in West Yorkshire here. The man has been sentenced to prison after being found guilty in a court action.

UK police recovered cryptocurrency worth $6.7 million (approximately Rs 52 crore) from West Yorkshire resident Simon Barclay. This man used to do drug business and has also found cocaine worth millions of dollars which is a narcotic substance. According to the given report, the police found cocaine worth $ 1.4 million (about Rs 11 crore) from Simon in the investigation. The man was produced before the court after his arrest. A UK court found the man guilty and sentenced him to 9 years in prison.

UK Police gets Rs 52 crore cryptocurrency from drug dealer, jailed for 9 years

Simon was arrested in November 2021 and found guilty of these charges in May this year. Police say that when Simon was arrested, several devices were found in his possession, including $6.7 million in cryptocurrency. Simon used to pay for drugs in several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In the raid, the police also found millions of dollars of cocaine and heroin with Simon.

Prosecutor Matthew Bean said that Simon used the dark web for this trade, from which he used to buy and sell drugs. He told that the person used to use many online usernames to hide his identity. He used these usernames to supply drugs and for this, he used to do transactions in cryptocurrencies.

The UK’s Dark Web Intelligence Collection and Exploitation Team (DICE) tracked down Simon Barkley. Local authorities and specialist cyber crime departments were also included in this task force. This entire team was working together to nab the criminals present on the dark web. Soon after seizing Simon in a post office street, the police arrive at two of Simon’s locations where his devices and drugs were found.

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