Ukraine Marks Successes, Mourns Losses as War Enters Second Year

Kyiv, Ukraine – Ukraine this week marked the one-year anniversary since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a time to celebrate the country’s strength against the more powerful adversaries in preparation for an offensive in spring in order to recover land previously held by Moscow.

The atmosphere of this Ukrainian capital was one of determination and pride, with the opera house that is part of the national theater hosting an event titled “Ukraine: Free and Unbreakable.” The Polish prime minister as well as other high-ranking foreign delegations came to Kyiv, following the occasion of the visit this week by President Biden as well as the prime ministers from Italy as well as Spain.

Ukraine Marks Successes, Mourns Losses as War Enters Second Year


Ukrainian Presidency Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday held a military event on Kyiv’s main square. historic St. Sophia Cathedral, giving gifts to troops and handing out flags for the brigades’ commanders who were newly formed. General. Valeriy Zaluzhny, the commander of the Ukrainian army forces, as well as other high-ranking officials, attended the event on television, demonstrating how secure Kyiv is now.

Although Ukrainian authorities have warned of potential Russian missiles, the morning was generally tranquil, with no major developments taking place in Ukraine’s skies or along frontlines in the east.

In the last year, Kyiv has not just repelled the initial assault by the military which began with the landing of Russian air-assault forces at Kyiv’s Hostomel airport in February. 24 2022. Ukraine has also stopped recently Russian attempts to take down its power infrastructure using the use of missiles or drone strikes that President Vladimir Putin ordered last October.

Blackouts that rolled across the country caused by Russian strikes ended just a few weeks ago, thanks to the speed of repairs and Ukraine’s ever-effective air defenses. Kyiv’s monuments and cathedrals were illuminated on the day of the first anniversary of the invasion, and the streets were crowded with people as its shops and eateries were once more crowded with people.

“We didn’t get scared, we didn’t break, we didn’t surrender,” Mr. Zelensky said in his anniversary speech towards Ukrainians. Ukrainian people were dressed in black instead of the usual green military uniform. “Ukraine has astonished the world…This was an era of strength a year of kindness and courage and pain a year of hope, a time of strength and unity a year of strength that is unbreakable and a brutal year. Its most important conclusion is that we’ve fought out and never been defeated. This year, we’ll take every step to ensure that next year we can achieve victory.”

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Ukraine has lost tens and thousands of soldiers and civilians over the last year, and many cities are in ruins due to Russian rockets and artillery. In recognition of the heavy cost and the loss of lives, Zelensky said that. Zelensky noted that the phones of each Ukrainian currently have at least one contact who will never respond to messages or calls for the rest of their lives. “We will not erase their names from our phones, or from our memory,” he declared. “We will never forgive or forget.”

A large crowd gathered in Kyiv’s hundreds of people gathered in Kyiv’s St. Volodymyr’s Cathedral to attend the military funeral, which is a regular event, and recite the final rituals of a soldier who was killed last week in Kreminna located in eastern Luhansk region. “The Muscovite is not a brother to us,” the priest, Father Bohdan, told the mourners. “It is a Cain that has gone after Abel.”

In the district of the city’s Podil district, the staff of the Book Lion bookstore and coffee shop put on permanent tattoos of patriotic designs in celebration of the anniversary of the invasion. The shop was only opened in August, in order to display Ukrainian literature and culture which Russia is determined to eradicate. “The main feeling we have is a huge sense of gratitude to everyone who has gifted us this year of life, those defending our land today and those who have already fallen,” One of the co-owners Ivana Lishnevets. It was a stunning picture of the Molotov drink in her arms.

For Mikhail Yakovlev, an information-technology specialist originally from Russia, Feb. 24 is a birthday. There was no celebration this year when Mr. Yakovlev, his Ukrainian wife, Stefania Bermal, and their two children fought to stay safe away from Russian missiles. “We tried every bomb shelter in this city all week, and didn’t like any,” he recalls. They escaped to the west Ukrainian city of Lviv and then returned to Kyiv only in the month of August. “Victory will be ours, for sure,” Ms. Bermal said. “We are telling our children that a victory has already occurred, it just needs time to show itself,” Mr. Yakovlev added.

Anastasia Lisnychenko pushed a pram for her daughter in Podil and cried when she was asked to discuss her emotions. “The fury is there, it hasn’t gone away,” she told reporters. One year ago she. Lisnychenko and her child fled to the countryside of central Ukraine and her husband stayed in the city to protect Kyiv. “I hate the Russians with all my heart and I wish them all the worst things in the world because of what they’ve done to us,” she told reporters. “I didn’t use to feel that way about them.”

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With Ukrainian universities reopening high school student Diana Minova on Friday visited an open day at one of the Kyiv colleges. “I am starting to forget what it was like, that life before the war,” she said with a smile. “When the war began it was terrifying. But we’ve become accustomed to all things.”

Russia has been suffering around 200,000 casualties from military operations in Ukraine according to Western officials, is currently in control of less than 18 percent of Ukrainian territory, which includes areas like the Crimean Peninsula and parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which Moscow took over in the year 2014. Ukrainian offensives that were launched last year have wiped out Russian troops from around half of the territories which Moscow captured in the early weeks of the massive invasion. Although Russia has stabilized its front lines in December, following the mobilization of 300,000 troops it hasn’t yet been able to start major new offensives.

The former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, now the vice president of the. Putin’s national security council and the leader of Russia’s ruling party declared on that Moscow’s war plans remain the same. Russia as Medvedev said according to news reports from state agencies, “seeks to push away the threats to our country as far away as possible, even if it’s to the Polish border.”

The U.S. and its allies have dramatically increased their military aid to Ukraine in the past few months, offering thousands of tanks and combat vehicles for infantry and artillery equipment. A large number of Ukrainian soldiers are currently undergoing learning in the West in the use of the equipment, which is in a reserve unit that Kyiv is planning to use in new offensives in order to win back the areas that were occupied.

According to polls, the majority of Ukrainians believe that victory over Russia is possible, and they want to fight until the entire country’s territorial territory is claimed. A survey conducted by Kyiv’s International Sociology Institute found that 87 percent of Ukrainians will not accept any territorial concessions made to Russia to stop the conflict, and 9 percent declared that they would support a territorial compromise.

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“It’s evident now that Russia has hit a wall here,” legislator Fedir Venislavsky, Mr. Zelensky’s parliamentary representative and an official of the committee on defense and security. “We have several achievements this year: Russia will never again be able to create doubt about the existence of Ukraine as a state, it will never again be able to dictate its conditions for Ukraine, and it will never again have a fifth column of supporters within Ukraine.”

Russian forces as well as the Wagner paramilitary organization on Friday pressed their long-running campaign to capture Bakhmut, the east-central Ukrainian city Bakhmut and capture the tiny village of Berkhivka at its northern end. In other areas along the front line, the most recent Russian attempts to advance failed, and groups composed of Russian tanks and combat vehicles were destroyed by Ukrainian artillery drones, mines, and other drones.

The United Nations General Assembly on Thursday again demanded Russia’s immediate and full and complete withdrawal from Ukraine including Crimea. The motion was approved by the 141 nations with seven voting against, it and 32 abstaining. The countries that abstained were China, India, South Africa, Pakistan, Iran, and all of Russia’s allies post-Soviet, except Belarus along with Syria, North Korea, and Nicaragua typically an ally of Moscow.

China is now playing a greater part in the war, with the top foreign policy official, Wang Yi, meeting the Russian President, Mr. Putin as well as Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba earlier this month. In the past, the U.S. has warned that China is weighing whether it should begin offering lethal military aid to Russia. Beijing has responded to these comments by stating it is China is the U.S. and its allies are the main source of weapons that flow to the battlefield.

This past Friday China released its own peace and security plan, a 12-point one for Ukraine that begins with a plea to protect the sovereignty as well as the sovereignty of the entire world. nations and, in a subdued criticism of Russia in opposition to threats of nuclear weapons. In addition, the plan calls for the lifting of sanctions against Russia as well as “abandoning the Cold War mentality.”

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