UN Chief Condemns Ukraine Conflict in Advance of the Anniversary

UN Head Antonio Guterres has condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an “affront” to the conscience of the entire world at an assembly in the General Assembly nearly one year after. The group was discussing the motion that was backed by Ukraine and its allies, demanding Russia quit immediately and in full.

Ukraine hopes that, by approving the motion, other countries will show their solidarity.

The Kremlin has been accused by of the West as wanting to take down Russia at all costs.

Vasily Nebenzya from the Kremlin’s ambassador to the UN spoke of how it was clear that the US as well as its backers were ready to plunge the entire planet into conflict.

UN Chief condemns Ukraine conflict in advance of the anniversary


Russian President Vladimir Putin sent up to 200,000 troops into Ukraine on the 24th of February, 2022 as part of the biggest European military incursion since the close of World War Two.

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The ravaging war that followed has resulted in at least 7199 civilians dead and thousands injured According to a UN estimate. Meanwhile, Russia, as well as Ukraine, have both witnessed at least 100,000 soldiers wounded or killed in the estimation of the US military. US military.

A total of 13 million have been made refugees from abroad or forced to relocate inside Ukraine.

Russia’s President Putin claimed that his intervention was necessary for the purpose of “demilitarise the country and destabilizing” Ukraine, a country with a history of ties to Russia and its allies, has been dismissed in the eyes of Ukraine along with its allies, as being a cover to provoke an attack.

“That attack is a slap for our common conscience,” Mr. Guterres told the General Assembly. “It is in breach of both law, the United Nations Charter and international law.”

The potential outcomes of the potential consequences of a “spiraling conflict” were, as he put it”a “clear and imminent risk”.

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Mr. Guterres stated that the conflict had been “fanning regional instability and causing world tensions, divisions, and conflicts as well as taking attention away from urgent global problems”.

There have, he claimed there had been “implicit threats to utilize nukes”.

“It is time to back off from the edge,” he said.

“Complacency is only going to exacerbate the situation, and will also contribute to the erosion of our common principles as outlined by the Charter. War isn’t the answer. War is the cause. The people of Ukraine suffer terribly. Ukrainians, Russians, and people all over the world need peace.”

Sixty countries have endorsed the resolution that stresses “the necessity of achieving the earliest time feasible, a completely peaceful, lasting and just peace agreement in Ukraine in accordance with the guidelines of the Charter of the United Nations.”

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Mr. Guterres was speaking following the time that Russia’s president Vladimir Putin gave a speech in which he blamed his country’s West for the conflict.

In his speech to the nation on Tuesday, Putin also announced the decision of Russia to withdraw from a key nuclear arms agreement following US president Joe Biden, fresh from his surprise visit to Kyiv the capital, was praised by Western democratic institutions for standing up against Russian aggression.

Mr. Biden has described the decision to stop the treaty, which was negotiated in 2010 by the US along with Russia back in 2010, to avoid nuclear war, as a huge error.

On Wednesday, President Putin was with China’s highest official in foreign policy, Wang Yi, in Moscow and said cooperation between Moscow and Beijing was “very crucial to stabilize the international environment”. The meeting marked the ending of China’s claim of neutrality in the conflict in Ukraine.

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