VLC Media Player: Users beware! Hackers are spying on you, stay safe like this

VLC Media Player is a popular media player used all over the world. Through this platform, you can play videos and audio easily. Its popularity is also high because it is not a paid platform and all its features can be availed for free. If you also use this media player, then let us tell you that recently a report has come out, according to which hackers are spying on you using this platform. Let us know about this matter in detail.

Users of VLC Media Player should be careful

According to a report by Symantec Cyber ​​Security Unit, a Chinese cybercriminal group is using VLC media players to spread the Cicada virus. Cicada is spreading malware by using this media player on Windows computers and laptops to spy on the government and other companies.

VLC Media Player Users beware! Hackers are spying on you, stay safe like this

Hackers are spying on you

According to this report, many countries are facing this malware attack, which includes the names of Canada, America, Turkey, Hong Kong, Montenegro, Israel, Italy, and India. If you are wondering how VLC Media Player is being spied on, then let us tell you that this hacking group captures the clean version of this media platform and it has ‘Media Player Export Function’ with the help of it. Inserting virus file. Once a malware file is inserted into the software, Cicada takes full control of the system via a VNC remote-access server.

Do this to stay safe

Keep your software up to date to avoid hacking and use anti-virus software to keep your device safe. Make sure to back up your important data and do not click on links from unknown websites. Doing this greatly increases the chances of your money and important data being stolen.

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