Weather Update: The mood of the weather will change again, IMD has warned of heavy rain with thunder in these states

Weather Update: The scorching heat in North India has become a disaster for the lives of people, due to which everyone is facing problems. In the northeastern states too, the scorching heat has forced people to remain imprisoned due to the continuous rise in temperature.

In many areas, including Delhi NCR, there was a slight drop in the temperature due to the late-night storm, but people had to grapple with the heat due to the breaking of trees, and electric poles. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a warning of heavy rain accompanied by thunderstorms and thunderstorms in many areas of the country.

Weather Update The mood of the weather will change again, IMD has warned of heavy rain with thunder in these states

IMD said that from May 19, 2022, warm winds are expected again in North-West and Central India. According to the IMD, the moisture-laden southwest monsoon winds, which are crucial for India’s agriculture-based economy, have moved towards the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. A warning of good rain has been issued during the four-month-long monsoon season.

Torrential rain with thunderstorms will happen here for the next three days

Due to southwest monsoon winds, there is a possibility of rain in some areas. There is a possibility of widespread rain in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands during the next 5 days. Heavy rain and thundershowers are expected over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the coming 3 days.

Wind speed reaching 40-50 kmph gusting to 60 kmph is very likely over the Andaman Sea, southeast Bay of Bengal, and adjoining the central Bay of Bengal during the next 3 days. A cyclonic circulation persists over Kerala and neighborhood in the lower and middle troposphere levels and a north-south trough extends from West Vidarbha to North Kerala in the lower troposphere levels.

Weather patterns will worsen in southern India too

According to the IMD, a warning of moderate rain and thundershowers has been issued for Kerala-Mahe, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Lakshadweep, and Rayalaseema during the next 5 days. Very heavy falls very likely over Kerala-Mahe, Tamil Nadu, Coastal and South Interior Karnataka during 3 days. There is also a possibility of heavy rains in Rayalaseema from May 18 to 19 and in the Lakshadweep region on May 18. Heavy to very heavy rain is very likely over Arunachal Pradesh, Assam-Meghalaya and Sub-Himalayan West Bengal, and Sikkim during the next 5 days.

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