When Uruguay became champion without winning the final, the most unique match in FIFA World Cup history

The FIFA World Cup 1950 was held in Brazil and in the presence of around 2 lakh domestic fans, Brazil came close to the title and missed out on becoming champions for the first time.

The atmosphere has been created, the party has also been decorated… Just waiting for the program to start. It will also start on 20 November. The world’s most popular game football’s biggest conclave i.e. FIFA World Cup 2022 is starting in Qatar on Sunday. Now there is a chance for the World Cup, so it is imperative to remember some old matches. One such match took place 72 years ago. Such a World Cup and such a title match have never happened again.

This was the match of the World Cup 1950 when the tournament was held in Brazil and Uruguay won the World Cup without winning the final or without playing the final, beating the host Brazil. Uruguay became the champion for the second time. But the question is how is a champion without a final?

The answer is actually the format of that tournament. Actually, there were only 13 teams in the 1950 World Cup. Today 32 teams play. Then these teams were divided into 4 groups, in which two groups had 4-4 teams, one had three and the last group had a total of 2 teams including Uruguay. One team in each of these four groups went to the next round.

Its next round was the deciding round. There were matches in a round-robin format between the four teams that reached it. That is, each team faced the rest of the teams once. Each team used to get 2 points on victory. The format was basically such that after all the matches of the round were over, the team with the most points would become the champion.

Incidentally, the last match of this round saw a clash between Brazil and Uruguay, who were in first and second place in the points table. Brazil needed only 1 draw to win the title for the first time, while Uruguay needed a win at any cost. In this way, this match turned into a final even though it was not technically a final.

In this match, in the presence of about 2 lakh spectators at the famous Maracana Stadium of Rio de Janeiro, the then capital of Brazil, Uruguay scored two goals in the second half and defeated Brazil 2-1 and broke the hearts of the domestic fans and won the World Cup for the second time. Took the title of

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