Windows12 Microsoft and Intel Just Exposed Information about

There have been reports of an upcoming Windows 12 release, this latest leak appears to be the most definitive proof that we have of the existence of the OS.

Leaked by @leaf_hobby, a leaker of hardware was covered via The Verge, revealing details regarding Intel’s Meteor Lake desktop platform. According to the information, Intel reportedly mentioned that its new CPUs are expected to support Windows 12. The tweet has been deleted, and the two companies Microsoft as well as Intel have not responded to The Verge on the validity of this report as well as other reports.

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Before the leak, Zac Bowden from Windows Central stated that Microsoft was moving to a new engineering plan which would have a new version of Windows OS released every three years. If this proves to be true this would place the next version, Windows 12, in 2024.

Bowden revealed his findings that the new Windows OS release is called “Next Valley”. The image was of the OS presented at Ignite 2022, where it was said to be designed to be able to adapt to various gadgets and accessories.

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Windows12 Microsoft and Intel Just Exposed Information about

Windows12 Another rumor that’s less desired

There’s also the possibility about Windows 12 might be the first OS that runs on the cloud which sounds a bit unlikely. If it’s real, it will be hosted off-device, and then bundled with storage and computing as an element of the subscription service. Personally, I find the futuristic scenario terrifying.

There are many software programs, including Adobe suite or Microsoft Office, that work in a subscription model. This alone is challenging to handle in case you’re on a limited budget and cannot afford the price tag. But, at the very least, these devices can be easily replaced with open-sourced versions.

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The OS that’s not installed on a computer is quite a different experience. A variety of virtual desktop configurations have been used by companies for a long time to accommodate BYOD situations, but nothing in comparison to an OS installed on any Windows laptop or PC in cloud storage, and with the features that are intended to be standard and available at a cost that is high.

It is hoped that this is just one of the reports that can be disproved as time passes.


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