With the help of AI, Read’s Summary Function Condenses a Meeting into a Two-minute Video

The process of summarizing is one of the most common applications of various AI models. We are now equipped with a variety of tools to reduce PDFs, articles, or videos into digestible bits of information. Meeting intelligence tool Read has launched a brand new feature that reduces the length of a meeting to an hour-long video, which is with important hints.

The company claims it’s employing large language models but it doesn’t say the one it used but said that it was combining by video analyses to determine the most important aspects of the conference. Read also incorporates the participants’ reactions into the form of a highlight reel. Users can visit the meeting’s recording and then turn off”Play highlights only” to see the condensed version “Play highlights only” toggle to view the condensed video

With the help of AI, Read's Summary Function Condenses a Meeting into a Two-minute Video

Read was founded in 2021 by the former Foursquare Chief Executive Officer David Shim. The software, which integrates together with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Webex, provides you with analytics such as sentiment and participant engagement scores to gauge the efficacy of a meeting. The company has received $10 million in capital from investors like Madrona Venture Group and PSL Ventures.

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Shim described watching the two-minute reel with watching the highlights of a game. Shim also stated that during the trial period, the firm discovered that certain clients experienced significant productivity gains.

“During the preview period, clients of the agency experienced an increase of 30 percent or more in the productivity of employees. A number of difficult tasks, such as putting notes together were done automatically and the sharing of notes as well as the manual creation of video highlights removed the necessity of arranging meetings to discuss the last meeting.” the CEO said in an announcement.

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In the first month of January Read launched a summary of text supported by OpenAI’s GPT model. Highlights in the video are an improvement of this feature. The demonstration below shows that occasionally highlights are cut off from the speaker mid-sentence. This can be a hassle while trying to focus on important details. The company stated that they are trying to improve this issue.

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Read also mentioned that it plans to integrate text summaries into the videos with captions in the next few weeks.

Numerous companies, such as Otter and Zoom are working on AI-powered briefs of meetings. Although most of them employ the same type of large language model, Read’s strategy of creating short, TikTok-style overviews could appeal to people who want to read through a variety of missed meetings.

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