Xbox’s CEO teases hardware for playing games in the Cloud

Microsoft said that it was developing an Xbox streaming device just for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate last year. Phil Spencer, leader of Microsoft’s Xbox division, has now disclosed a possible design for the streaming device.

He shared a picture of the Vault Boy along with a message of congratulations to Bethesda on the 25th anniversary of Fallout in a post on the well-known social media site Twitter. However, Spencer’s supporters were quick to spot an odd object on top of the shelf.

The Xbox Series S-like streaming device, code-named Keystone, transmits games through Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service rather than executing them locally. Many people had previously assumed that the Xbox streaming device would more closely resemble a stick that could be plugged straight into an HDMI connection, but it turns out that the box-like gadget will actually attach to the TV or monitor.

The white object can be seen resting on top of the shelf next to the Xbox controller and beneath the sword in the tweet below.

The Xbox streaming gadget apparently supports media streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos in addition to game streaming. If you were unaware, Microsoft had earlier this year acknowledged the existence of the codename Keystone; however, a report from The Verge indicates that Microsoft is still working on the Xbox streaming device.

Spencer’s tweet received a response from the official Xbox Twitter account, which implied that the Xbox streaming device in question was an earlier model.

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